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Abike Dabiri warns Nigerian youth against illegal immigration

Abike Dabiri-Erewa, the Senior Special Adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on diaspora and foreign affairs, has decried the death of many Nigerians embarking on illicit travels abroad.

She advised Nigerians not to go through illegal immigration routes and warned human traffickers to desist.

Mrs Dabiri Erewa spoke on Monday at the University of Ibadan’s Faculty of Education Public Lecture – ‘Building Capacities of Nigerian Youth against Slave Trade and Illegal Immigration’ – in Ibadan.

“80% of Nigerians have died on the road to Libya, while some even died when they are crossing the sea,” she said. “We did a lot of conferences to warn Nigerians but they did not heed until when CNN unveiled the story.”

“Seeing young Nigerians in, Libya is the worst thing I’ve seen, when we got to the prison to rescue some that were trapped, they were excited, they began to sing the nation’s anthem and we brought back 10,000, A 14-year-old girl slept with more than 40 men she can’t even recognize in Libya, she got sold by her mother,” she added.

She, however, explained that according to the reports she has been getting from foreign embassies, the number of Nigerian youths who want to travel out of the country has reduced because they’ve seemed to have found opportunities in Nigeria.

She said some travel agents to some countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Morocco, Russia, India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and others have illegally trafficked humans both young and old into prostitution and other vices.

She warned parents not to destroy the lives of their children stressing that majority of those who’ve been victims of the death abroad are from Edo state but added, however, that it is a national problem.

While speaking on the fate of some Nigerians who were trafficked into India, she said “India has an irregular migration and close to 500 Nigerians are trapped there, we are begging for amnesty especially for those in Kolkata (India), so until they agree we can’t bring them back, we also have hundreds of them in China”.

She strongly appealed to Nigerians not to go through illegal trafficking routes saying that Nigerians must get involved through collective resolve in tackling the monstrous issue because the issue has been a trend over the years

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