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#BlackTuesday in FUOYE: Notre Dame College, Usi Ekiti Loses Two of Her Old Students in Two Days

Tuesday, the 10th of September, was very gloomy in FUOYE as the university lost one student, Dada Kenny, to a gunshot wound caused by policemen. The following day was even grimmer as another student, Joseph Icon, lost his life to a gunshot wound sustained the day before from the same tragedy.

The rumour vines have it that both Icon and Kehinde graduated from the same secondary school, from the same set and that they both resided in Ido Ekiti before their deaths. 

This has been verified by Wonder Ayobami, a former classmate of theirs. According to her, “They went to Notre Dame College, Usi Ekiti and graduated in 2014. Icon was the senior prefect while Kenny was the Agric prefect. [He] was also the president of the alumni association for our set before his death.”

Speaking about their shared secondary school’s reaction to the news of their deaths, she said: “I have not heard anything from the school yet. The school doesn’t have a platform to do that.”

Adeola, a student of Democracy and Development Sciences also confirmed this claim. According to her, she attended the same primary school with Icon and was his senior. Her younger brother was Icon’s classmate in secondary school and they were very close friends until his untimely death. 

“That one (referring to her younger brother) has just been crying since. I called my mom earlier and she said she was going to visit his mom because he is responding to treatment already. Only for me to call back and hear that he is dead,” she explained.

In reaction to the news about the death of two of their youths, a broadcast was sent as follows: “Following the deaths of two residents of my local government Ido / Osi, Kehinde from Usi and Icon from Ido – Ekiti… I use this opportunity to inform those still in school to please for God sake and the sake of their parents leave Oye as soon as possible because Ido/Osi would wanna retaliate and our battles over here carry a lot of casualties. If they decide to retaliate, lives would be lost and properties destroyed… 

They are currently meeting to discuss their next move and I know this because I am currently in Ido-Ekiti. School isn’t safe o.”

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