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Boreholes: The Dungeon Of Disaster To Our Contemporary Society.

The dividend of democracy to a serious and a concerned leader must be her utmost priorities- devoid of tribalism or favouritism. Infrastructural advances, stable power supply, quality education, and excellent health care service should be the order of the day. Because these are void vessels he vowed to fill prior to his political installation: Catering for our welfare must not be viewed as a liability to a responsible leader.

It amazes me a lot when the aforementioned dividends are experienced in some parts of the country that has the privilege to experience the productive spring of national development, still celebrate their supposed entitlements- provided that they play their civic role as disciple citizens. At the other end, they still continue subscribing to fictitious myths of usually unbelievable falsehood.

However, I still do not know where exactly we have missed the road or who we actually offended as a nation that insists to inflict us this resplendence pain. On a serious note, if we are to change things about the government, we have to pay much attention to who we should entrust our leadership thrones with. It’s high time we allowed merit to prevail over politics; we need not a figure-headed leader but the one with functioning brain and visionary trait, whose current activities will not deter or distort our future prospects.

The increase in the drilling of Boreholes in the states is quite alarming that needs urgent attention. It has now become a pointer of development to every community and a symbol of philanthropic smiles to charity from NGOs and private bodies. Although! No one is disputing the dutiful fact and purported purpose of the development, but it is somewhat described as the right move but in the seemingly wrong direction. 

The prevalence of this social intervention in our contemporary societies is uncalled-for. Most especially in our tertiary institutional environment where single hostel can be proud to have two drilled Boreholes at a time, independent boreholes in our estates and private residents; commercial water companies, and continual drilling of Boreholes for community projects across the federation. To some extent, it needs to be disapproved because of its future implications.

Drilling of Boreholes has a lot of negative effects including water contamination as a result of unmanaged surface groundwater. The seismographic wave could result in small and large earthquakes, vanishing moisture in the soil, and environmental pollution originating from the commercial water companies and indiscriminate disposal of sachet water and many more. 

Mitigating the negative consequences indeed requires urgent effective actions. Firstly, the government should transform the construction of dams to ensure everyone is accessible to portable clean water. Secondly, there should be strict laws to be imposed on any indiscriminate drilling of Boreholes in the country. Thirdly, instead of drilling boreholes, it can safely be replaced by well waters with minimal effect. Lastly, the concerned authorities shouldn’t fail to play their usual responsibility enacting the limitations of Boreholes meant to be in a locality.

On a final note, Boreholes are with no modicum of doubt an essential need and a significant sign of community development; because water is a universal basis of life. As important it is (borehole), it has a limitation that need not be abused because of its dangerous future prospect. Therefore, there is a need to quench this detrimental domestic culture to the barest minimum in our communities. Our communities are our homes, workplaces, schools, and recreational centres that need not be distorted for temporary vantage because there lies our continual sustainability.

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