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Nigerian Student Unveils Campus Journalism Beginners’ Handbook

A final year student journalist from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, has unveiled a book on best practices of campus journalism. 

The book, titled: “Campus Journalism Beginners Handbook,” according to its author Mr Adejumo Kabir, is a guide that will help student journalists report their campuses better and prepare them for journalism after school. 

“Journalism has opened my eyes to what it means to be cheated or denied basic needs by authorities. Having understood all of this I consider this handbook necessary for new student journalists.”

Mr Kabir said the book focus on the core elements, ethics, challenges and rewards of campus journalism when done right.

“From my observation, many institutions lack the required tools to teach students practical skills that will help them journalistically and students end up graduating without practical knowledge to succeed when employed by media organisations. The handbook will help fill this gap,” he said.

“The handbook will be available across Nigerian institutions and I am certain that readers of this handbook will be the next phase of journalism in their respective schools.” 

In the foreword of the book, the esteemed journalist and Executive Publisher of Premium Times, Dapo Olorunyomi, noted the author has done the broad practice of journalism in Nigeria a great service by putting together and publishing what, to his mind, is the first practice guide on the hitherto “hidden” genre of campus journalism.

“The scope and range are decidedly modest, targeting it to the beginner, and for that reason, the major preoccupation is about bolts joints – the elements, the ethical demands, the necessity and the challenges. I find the work pleasant and unpretentious, qualities that, invariably will help to make this interesting work a hugely famous keepsake.” 

“In tackling the elements of the campus journalism genre, Adejumo Kabir honours the received protocols which situate journalistic practice in the range of social engagements, within the media landscape, that is specifically devoted to truth and verification. This exploration, if nothing, will be a major help for beginners who will see beyond the glamour and ticklish superficial appreciation of journalism,” he continues.

Nigeria’s top Media Career Specialist, Lekan Otufodunrin wrote that the opportunities available for campus journalists of this generation are much and there is a need to ensure that those engaged in the art maximise their potentials.

“Campus Journalism Beginners’ Handbook by Adejumo Kabir is a very commendable initiative which will definitely help in ensuring best practices in campus journalism in the country, he said. “Every aspiring and present campus journalist has a lot to learn from this book.”

Kehinde Ayantunji, Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists in Osun, said the book is an intelligent investment and a huge consolation about the predicament of the Nigeria youths particularly the educated ones in tertiary institutions.

“The integration of academics in journalism, realistic practising skills and the larger effect of campus journalism to society is an exceptional quality of the book.”

“Students and practitioners that painstakingly read the book will no doubt acquire better knowledge in the practice of campus journalism. Indeed, the author has thrown up a big challenge to media scholars and professionals to engage in further research on how to explore campus journalism as a foundation to enhance the larger media profession in Nigeria.”

Though in his final year at the university, Kabir is a freelance journalist for Premium Times with dozens of investigative journalism awards to his name at the national and international level. He was named finalist at the 2018 Africa Check Awards (Student category) in South Africa. 

Early this year, he launched the Campus Press Hub; an initiative offering training and consultancy services on best practices of campus journalism to students across Nigerian institutions.

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