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COVID-19: After Six Months, MAPOLY Resumes Physical Lectures

After six months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, Moshood Abiola Polytechnic has reopened for academic activities.

MAPOLY followed the State Government’s directives to resume for academic activities, and upon resumption on Monday, the management enforced the policy of no mask no entry into the campus.

Also, in line with the Federal and State Government directives to ensure COVID-19 protocols are observed on campus, a handwashing station was also made available at the entrance of the school gate.

In ensuring the COVID-19 protocols are observed on campus upon resumption, the management warned that students will not be allowed access into the polytechnic without using a face mask.

Speaking with CAMPUS REPORTER, the Head of Public Relations and Protocol of the Polytechnic, Mr Yemi Ajibola, warned that students will not be allowed into the school premises without a face mask.

The management earlier announced that the institution will resume on September 21st and matriculation ceremony will hold on September 30th.

Ajibola urged the students to come along with their face masks and use them properly, adding that they would not be allowed to attend classes without a face mask if they show up without.

“You don’t have your face mask, you don’t come in. You can’t come to class without a face mask, it was stated expressly. 

“No face mask no entry. Even from the gate because some people will put their face mask in the bag saying they have it. This time around it is a face mask and not bag mask. They have to use it,” he said.

Speaking on the level of preparedness of the school towards resumption and COVID-19 guidelines, Ajibola told CAMPUS REPORTER the institution is prepared to resume for academic activities.

He noted the academic board in compliance with the COVID-19 guidelines separated the National Diploma students from having classes at the same time with the Higher National Diploma students, so they can observe the social distancing protocols. 

He said the Polytechnic has given the National Diploma students the grace of one hour to complete whatever they want to do on campus.

“They have approved that ND should come in the morning between 8 and 12 and go home. They have to leave the school campus no matter what they are doing it has to be within the hours of 8 and 12.

“The polytechnic has given them one hour to pack their baggage and leave while the HND students will come in the afternoon,” he explained.

The PRO noted that the polytechnic is currently tidying up the school premises to ensure students resume on Monday to a conducive learning environment.

He also said the management, in ensuring proper hygiene rules are followed, has approved that handwashing stations and spray sanitisers be made available on campus for students.

“Management has approved that we have a handwashing station at the gate and there’s going to be a bucket. There’s going to be handwashing equipment at the entrance of every classroom but students must come with their face masks.

“At the front of every classroom, there is going to be hand sanitizer and we are going to make spray sanitizer available for students.”

On the deadline for registration, Ajibola said those that will forfeit their admission are the ND1 students and probably HND1 as most of them failed to take the deadline seriously.

He said those that failed to meet the deadline will be automatically pushed to part-time.

“We have given deadline, whoever that fails to meet up the deadline will be automatically pushed to part-time or forfeit the admission totally.”

Ajibola urged students to come back to campus on time, settle down and prepare for their examination.

“There’s no holiday, once the first semester ends, the second semester starts immediately. Students should be prepared so they can finish up with the session,” he said.

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