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Dear Nigerian Students, Let’s Move On With Our Lives

‘Table no dey turn again my brothers, Nah you go change your seat’. The fact that you are facing turmoils now doesn’t bride you a promising future. Forget about ‘Ten Years Later’ in Nollywood. Those are fictions. You will still suffer in decades to come if you lack focus. 

Do you see it? We are blessed with clueless leaders and greedy lecturers who see us as pipsqueaks. I don’t really have issues with prolonging our stay on campus. But does it really worth it? My worry is if there is a job guaranteed for me after school that will make me forget I spent 10years of my life to secure LL.B certificate. I doubt if there is any because if you see those who are there already, you will know that the street is not smiling.   

Look. Let’s be frank. Neither ASUU nor FG is worthy of your support. They both lack empathy for students, and for ASUU, they are also insensitive of the plight the junior lecturers who have no other means than lecturing are encountering when their monthly stipends were not paid for months by the FG because they were not captured on the IPPIS.  

Classes were closed for more than eight months now and you are yet to move on with your life, you are on your own. This strike should have taught you that there are days you will need to think even without a box. You need to start creating something from nothing. 

Forget being an undergraduate and start pondering on how to start living a meaningful life. See beyond your campus. Acquire skills and connect with people who can lead you to opportunities that will change your existence forever. 

There was a time I called a friend to ask what he was doing since the moment we were chased out of school in March. He said, “Olokson, I have started learning shoemaking from a neighbouring friend and this is my third month at the shop. I know the basics already.” I grinned from ear to ear. I was pleased a medical student like him would see the reason for him to stoop to conquer. 

He has dropped the useless esteem school gave him and moved on with his life. It is certain in months to come, he will start his cobbler venture and start making money no matter how little it will be. What I know is that he will be financially independent and not waiting for his parent before he can buy basic things for himself. And if God bless his way, he may turn rich through the venture. 

Don’t ask me what I have gained during these months. You don’t need to know. But trust me, this is not the same ‘Olokooba’ you knew eight months ago. I already moved on with my life, with or without school. I started chasing my dreams while schools were closed. 

The truth is, in Nigeria you need to have your certificate. This was very clear to me when I lost one golden chance to leave this grief-stricken country because I was unable to tender at least a Bachelor-Degree. So, this is why I will not pay a blind eye to this lingering strike. 

I am still a student and I must take my certificate from UDUS for a better future. But before that time, let’s learn how to acquire new skills and knowledge even without school because these people —ASUU and FG —don’t really care about us. This strike may take longer than we would imagine. We should move on.

This opinion story has been published on CAMPUS REPORTER with very minimal editing to preserve the original voice of the author. CAMPUS REPORTER does not bear any responsibility for the contents of this story, all views belong to the author.

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