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#EndSARS: Protesters In Oye-Ekiti Block Highway, Demand Justice For Slain Students

Hundreds of young people in Oye- Ekiti, Ekiti State have joined the campaign against the excesses of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), the police squad known for its human rights abuses and extra-judicial killings.

The protest to #EndSARS started in Ekiti on Friday with the youths converging at Fajuyi Pavilion, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

As at this afternoon, the protesters have blocked the popular Oye-Ekiti expressway leading to Kogi and Abuja.

The protesters are chanting  “End SARS,” they are also demanding justice for the two students that were slain last year by the security details attached to Ekiti Governor’s wife, Bisi Fayemi.

Premium Times also gathered that another protest is ongoing at the state capital, Ado-Ekiti with all roads blocked. 

Protests began across the country last week as politicians, singers, activists and other Nigerians called for the total disbandment of the notorious police unit.

The protest also trended on social media, drawing support from prominent individuals and groups across the globe. 

Speaking to one of the protesters Ojo Isaac aka Ijoba Demo, he said he joined the protest to demand freedom because they are being oppressed.

“We are here today to demand freedom from our people because we are being oppressed by different sections from the government. From the politicians and military men most especially from the SARS. They oppress us a lot. For instance, we had a peaceful protest last year September 10th which was turned bloody by the Nigerian Police Force. They killed two of our students. 

“This is becoming very unbecoming and we can’t continue to accept that, we are the voice, we are students and we are the future of this generation. If they continue to kill us one by one what will become of the county in the future.

” We use this peaceful protest to call the attention of the president, top politicians in this country to demand freedom for us and deliver us from this oppression,” he added. 

A supporter of the protest and concerned Nigerian citizen,  Jide-David Modede, said the country needs a voice to speak for the youth.

“I am from Oye Ekiti and I am a bonafide Nigerian. I am here to support what the youths are saying because I think the country needs a voice right now and the greatest voice they can get right now is the voice of the youth. The youths of this nation have been silent for too long, youth is not just about young people, it’s about the fact that people that are actually to be part of the development in the country have been silent for a long time. Now, this is the time for people to speak up because the state of our nation is in a critical situation right now. 

“Just like our president is saying End SARS is only the beginning, the same way End SARS is only the beginning of what we are asking for as citizens of this nation and what the youths are asking for. They are only asking End SARS as a beginning, there are many that are wrong the government needs to consider right now and it’s time for the government to give attention.

” They will need to invite youths, citizens of the country, invite people who are not politicians into a table and let them discuss not only End police brutality, the state of our economy, the irresponsible salaries that are being paid to legislators in this country. Once people are suffering the masses are suffering, it is time for us to speak to us and let them know what is happening.”

Nigerians across the globe have taken to streets and online since last week to protest against the highhandedness of the rogue Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) of the police force.

There have been protests in Lagos, Abuja, Anambra, Abia, Ibadan, Kwara, Ebonyi, Ibadan and other states across Nigeria. 

The police unit was dissolved on Sunday but protesters have continued demanding reform of the Nigeria Police to end extrajudicial killings by police officers.

The protesters are calling for comprehensive police reform and say the promises made by the government are not enough.

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