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Ex DVC applauds students for showcasing culture in AAUA

The former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) of the Adekunle Ajasin University, professor Francis Oyebade, has praised students of the Department of Mass Communication for showcasing their culture in a unique way. 

The presentation of culture, which was in partial fulfilment of the African Communications Systems course, was ostentated by groups of students representing different tribes in Africa. Some of the tribes showcased on the day included the Efik, Ikwerre, Yoruba, Ijaw, Zulu, Himba, Masai, Ibibio and more. 

Professor Francis commended the students for their presentation and noted that he hoped it would cause people to be more proud of their cultures and contribute to its sustenance.

“One of the most important things about culture is for one to take pride in it and everybody would feel proud to be a Nigerian. With this kind of presentation, we can sustain patriotism towards our culture,” he said.

Professor Francis, who is also a lecturer in the department of linguistics, implored youths to involve themselves in cultural activities, saying that a person who loses his culture has lost his life. 

Dr Sade Ade-Johnson, the lecturer in charge of the course, disclosed that the course’s aim is to illuminate the values of the cultures in Africa and to teach students on how best to interact with people from different tribes. 

Amongst the things presented by each tribe were their food, greetings, dancing steps, marriage celebration and other cultural activities.

Other people who graced the occasion were lecturers from different departments of the University. 

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