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The Dean of the Division of Student Affairs in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Professor Isiaka Aransi, has provided reasons for the inconsistent water supply currently affecting the institution.

Halls of residence in the school have been experiencing a shortage in water supply for a few days and this has greatly diminished living conditions in the university’s dormitories.

When the Dean of the Division of Student Affairs, Prof Isiaka Aransi, was contacted by CAMPUS REPORTER, it was gathered that the erratic water supply was due to the current power outage in Ile-Ife. He stated that it has hindered the appointed Engineers from carrying out their duty of pumping water to the halls of residence and this has forced the school to resort to supplying water through tankers.

“Power outage is responsible for the dearth of water supply, please. Our Engineers need power to pump water. The alternative is to supply water using tankers, the opportunity that we are exploring now,” the Dean said.

Furthermore, he also revealed that the school’s management has hired a generator to power the pump in order to improve the water supply to the halls of residence. So this, coupled with the supply of water through tankers, will salvage the ongoing lack of water in the halls of residence.

“Please be informed that the DWMS has hired a generator to power the pump for water supply in addition to the tankers. All will be well shortly,” the Dean noted.

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