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Final Year Student in EKSU Attempts Suicide

A final year student from Ekiti State University (EKSU) identified as Akindeko Oluwafemi, popularly known as Comrade Zamane, attempted suicide on the 5th of June 2019, after receiving a report of his poor academic performance.

According to sources familiar with the student, Mr Akindeko is a final year student of the Accounting Department in EKSU, who was awaiting his results in order to begin the school’s clearance procedures. However, his plans were cut short after receiving his result and noting that he had failed a course identified as BUS 418, which automatically warrants an extra year in the institution for any student who fails.

The receipt of his result is now regarded as the straw that broke the camel’s back because, prior to attempting suicide, Mr Akindeko had presented some red flags concerning his mental health,  exemplified in a series of posts on his WhatsApp status where he had expressed displeasure and loss of hope about life and education.

Some of the posts read:

“Everything about today is just worse. Result Amazon. God help me this month no dy smile satin sup gan.”

“Why today cum be like this. God help me throughout this month. From 1st of June everything hasn’t been good.”

“All I want to do now is commit a crime and be sentenced to life imprisonment. So keep off so you won’t fall a victim.”

“Life and education is something I don’t want again. I guess going off is the best for now. I’m dropping this in case you call me and I’m not picking or u message I’m not replying. Ire Ooooo!  God be with the living.”

“I regret ever coming to this world and I regret ever choosing to be educated. I swear. Eksu you are cursed.”

Speaking to his coursemate and a close friend who pleaded anonymity, he blamed Oluwafemi’s actions on his failure of the BUS 418 course, where most students received either a D or an F grade.

It is currently unclear what method Mr Akindeko resorted to in the attempt to end his life as many conflicting reports are currently making the rounds. However, after noticing his rather worrying WhatsApp status updates, some of his friends rushed to be with him and that is when he was found and subsequently taken to the hospital.

Speaking to another friend of Mr Akindeko, who identified himself as Mayowa, he noted that Oluwafemi is currently in a stable condition at the EKSU Teaching Hospital, where he (Mayowa) is as well.

Management Reacts:

When the Ekiti State University PRO, Mr Deji Aleshinloye, was contacted, he confirmed that the student had, indeed, attempted suicide. He blamed Mr Akindeko’s lack of knowledge on the school’s academic loopholes as a factor, which culminated in his choice to attempt suicide. He noted that the university has provisions for summer classes for students who have to complete an extra year, stating that taking these classes will help in hastening their ability to clear themselves and graduate earlier than stipulated.

“Yes, the boy just finished and he just got his result of BUS 418, one of the second-semester examination results and, you know when you fail second-semester result [you will have to complete] an extra year.”

“And it’s not a big deal, the University has an arrangement for what we call a summer class, which the registration is going on and will start in another week. In that summer class, the final year student will be allowed to retake the courses they failed.”

“It’s not about sniper now, why do you have to go and take sniper? Life, itself, is not a straightforward thing. Who said you are not going to fail again? Do you know how many people have failed in this world? Do you know how many times Abraham Lincoln contested and lost? I don’t know o.”

“Thank God we didn’t lose him, he is fine now and stabilized in the hospital. But it’s not that the University was harsh or anti-student. He is in Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital and he is getting better now.”

It is important to note that the number of suicides and attempted suicides in Nigerian tertiary institutions are currently on the rise. Several Universities across the country have recorded deaths due to poor academic performance recently.

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