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FULOKOJA Students Elect Student Union Leaders Electronically

History was made in Federal University Lokoja on Friday, 25th of October 2019 as the citadel of transformative learning joined the pack of digitally inclined institutions by conducting its first Student Union electronic election. Beyond expectations and amidst speculations, the process was seamless, timely, credible and was carried out to the satisfaction of all. 

The E-Voting System was first adopted by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Students’ Association during its elections last year. It was a daunting task for Comrade Ebuka John of the Political-Science-Department-led electoral committee, constituted just 11 days before the election.

During a pre-election press conference organised by the electoral committee two days before the election, the chairman informed the students that the elections will be conducted manually. However, things changed a day before the election when the SU President, Comrade Jubilee, informed ELCOM members that the Union will not be able to fund the manual voting process, suggesting the e-voting process. 

The Manifesto Night scheduled to hold by 4 pm on that day was delayed as the SU president tried to convince the ELCOM members to adopt the E-Voting System. It took the intervention of the Dean of Students Affairs, Dr Abel Joseph, who had to beckon on the developer, Mr Blessing from MIS Unit to assure the electoral committee of the system’s credibility.

The ELCOM Chairman thereafter pleaded with the Dean to come for the Manifesto Night, which was already 2 hours behind schedule, to inform the students of the new development, which he agreed to. As the programme was about to commence, the Dean of Student’s Affairs arrived the venue and was immediately invited to the podium. Here he attempted to speak to the students about the upcoming election and as soon as he mentioned that the election will be conducted electronically, the students flared up in anger claiming that the system will be manipulated. All attempts to calm them proved abortive and the Manifesto Night ended abruptly.

On the morning of the election day, tensions were high as everybody looked forward to what will become of the process at the end of the day. Tensions were further exacerbated when most of the committee members were nowhere to be found at 8 am, the official time for the process to commence. After waiting for nearly 5 hours, the voting process commenced a few minutes before 12 noon and lasted 6 hours.

At the end of the day, Comrade Olorunmagba Kehinde (Oluwatallest) of the Department of History and International Studies polled 741 votes to defeat Comrade Adams Adeiza Matthew (Kent) of the Political Science Department and Kelvin Okai Aruwa of Geography Department who polled 624 and 580, respectively, becoming the President-Elect. In other results, David Ojonugwa (David of Maths) Defeated Desmond Okwenya (Code) to the Post of General Secretary; Ahmed Adebayo Abduraheem (Ameda) emerged Treasurer by beating Christian Ugochukwu (Maze). For the post of Financial Secretary, Samuel Richard Kayode deafeated Moses Doku Ojonimi while Abdurahman Omeiza Friday (Sir Raj) won the post of Director of Transport.

Other involved in the election are Jemilat Jumai Salihu, Vice President; Sarah Mercy Ebere, Assistant General Secretary; Chinedu Ifejiba Chido, Director of Socials; Miracle Obiora, Director of Sports; Elizebeth Temitope Ajibade, Director of Welfare; Patrick Ahmadu Sule, Public Relations Officer; and Victor Okonkwo, Provost Marshal who all ran unopposed.

In his remark, the Dean noted that it was a victory for everyone and noted that the noticeable flaws will be corrected in subsequent elections. He also commended the efforts of the Electoral Committee and everyone who contributed to the success of the process. The electoral committee chairman, on his part, thanked his Committee Members, for their support, the agents for their cooperation and everyone for their efforts.

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