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‘FUOYE Deceived us with Fancy Websites Images’ – Fresh Students Cry Out

Some of the newly admitted students of the Federal University Oye Ekiti have expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of poor infrastructure within the school, despite paying an exorbitant amount in school fees.

Some of the students who spoke with UCJ FUOYE accused the management of fleecing them with images on the University’s portal which do not correspond with the reality of what the school is.

Adeyeye Ayomide, a fresh student in the Faculty of Engineering, said he came to FUOYE high spirited with the hopes of learning in well-equipped laboratories, spacious and well-furnished classrooms. His hopes were dashed when he had to receive lectures standing in a hall that could not contain 200 students.

“I was expecting FUOYE to [have more facilities], well-equipped laboratories and adequate space for lectures,” he said. “I got here and I [realised] that the pictures put up on the school’s website wasn’t what I saw in reality. A class of about 200 students receiving lectures in a hall that is not spacious, resulting in some students having to stand outside the class. In a university establishment, the need for adequate lecture rooms to receive lectures is important.”

Olumodeji Samson, also, a fresh student in the Engineering department said that being a student in FUOYE is a very stressful experience and a waste of time. He said most of his colleagues do not learn anything new in classes as they can barely see the board or hear the lecturers during lectures.

“Being a fresh student in FUOYE has been stressful and time-consuming. Most classes are a waste of time as most students do not learn anything new since they do not get to hear what the lecturer is saying or can’t see the board clearly,” he said.

Comfort, from the Department of Mathematics, said she thought the school was well established in terms of infrastructure but, like her colleagues, she was also disappointed.

“I thought the school was well established. I browsed about the school and I saw beautiful buildings.”

Opeyemi Fakorode decried the unavailability of toilets for student use on the university campus. She narrated how she had to use the bush one day to answer the call of nature.

“There is no toilet in the school. I wanted to defecate one day. I had to go to one bush to defecate,” she said.

Also, some of the students told UCJ FUOYE how they struggle to get a venue in order to attend lectures.

Busayo said there were times venues for lectures have been changed without prior notice.

“Sometimes we struggle to get a venue to attend classes. There have been cases of venue changing without prior notice unless we check our phones.”

According to Eyinju, “FUOYE has actually eaten and penetrated into my marrows. The distance of the phases the school has is heartache on its own. Moving from one phase to the other, [on foot]. Impromptu change of lecture venue can be frustrating,” the fresh student of English and Literary Studies lamented.

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