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“Hike In Hostel Fee Is Inevitable” – Management of Usmanu Danfodiyo University

The Dean of Student Affairs in Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Professor Aminu Mode has announced that the recent accommodation fee hike and introduction of other fees by the institution were inevitable.

Recall that the university recently increased accommodation fees from N7,090 to N10,090 for students staying in the hostels and introduced a Tertiary Health Insurance Program (TSHIP) charge for all students of the institution.

The Dean made this announcement to Campus Reporters during a stakeholders’ meeting with student leaders, which was held to explain reasons for the decisions taken by the school management.

According to him, despite the increments, UDUS still remains the only institution that charges students the lowest rate for hostel fees.

“When the review of hostel fees came up at our meeting, I requested from the management to allow me to hold a meeting with the student leaders. Then, [only a] few students were present because many were on break, the amount we agreed on was N10,990 but the Vice-Chancellor approved N10,090. Even if you take a look at hostel charges of other universities like SSU, KSUST, FUBK you realise that UDUS still charges [less] than these universities.”

Professor Mode also added that the purpose of increment was to boost the maintenance of all university hostels and solve accommodation problems for Danfodites.

“It’s not possible for the university to accommodate all students, we have more than 27,000 students and even 7,000 thousand students can not be accommodated, that’s why, when you go to Bakassi hostels, you will some…land being cleared, the school [intends] to build hostels there,” he said.

He also revealed that the management has agreed to allow applications from private investors and soon, private hostels will be built around the school environments upon the approval of those applications by the management.

“The school does not have money, those building you see around the school premises were being funded by TETFUND, that’s why the management resolved that private owners will be given pieces of land around the school stadium upon meeting the standard and requirements required by the school. But certainly, the private-owned hostel will be [more expensive] than the school’s,” he said.

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