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How Nigerians Reacted Buhari’s Re-election

On February 23, Nigerians across the country went out to their different polling units to elect their president for the next four years.

As we learned in the early hours of this morning, Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress scored the highest votes, polling 15,191,847 votes. His closest challenger, former vice president Atiku Abubakar of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), polled 11,262,978 votes.

The result was declared at the INEC collation centre in Abuja on Thursday.

Since INEC’s announcement, the PDP and its candidate, Mr Abubakar, have come out  to reject the results, declaring they were manipulated. Mr. Abubakar has since vowed to contest the outcome of the election in court.

“In my democratic struggles for the past three decades, I have never seen our democracy so debased as it was on Saturday, February 23, 2019. 2007 was a challenge, but President Yar’Adua was remorseful. In 2019, it is sad to see those who trampled on democracy thumping their noses down on the Nigerian people.

“Consequently, I hereby reject the result of the February 23, 2019 sham election and will be challenging it in court. I want to assure my supporters and the entire Nigerian people that together, we will not allow democracy to be emasculated,” the PDP candidate said.

Other Reactions:

“#BuhariShould continue the social programmes that are already in place and we urged @APCNigeria to charge their lawmakers to be very close to their constituents so as to know the needs of their people, in such way policies should be made to address those needs. We voted them in”, said @dansatty

@ibilegifted opined that the election was rigged. “The rigging is so much that even the northerners we’re complaining that all those results were summed up by the Apcs. Can u imagine that nobody jubilated for buhari so called victory unlike them. This country is so messed up.”

Some Nigerians also advised the president on what the Government should focus on in the next for years.

“#BuhariShould improve more on economy and employ more technocrat in ds aspect. Food generally should be subsidize to d affordability of all” @kamil_abiodun wrote on Twitter.

@adesina_oluwafemi said “@apcnigeria I will suggest the president work with the right set of Ministers that will help him  deliver on campaign promises. It won’t be too bad if ministers are changed or reassigned to ministry where they can best perform.  In essence I want”

“#buharishould know that we are tired of promises. He should know we want actions. We want a working government/ we don’t want a repeat of the last 4 years. We do not want to know what he did last year. We want him to work on what he didn’t do. ?” @saheed_tolu.

Also, while some Nigerians applauded the emergence of Mr Buhari, others condemned the development.

“Congratulations to President Buhari on his reelection as the president and commander in chief of Armed Forces Federal Republic of Nigeria. May GOD grant you the strength and good health to consolidate on your previous achievements. ” @Ayoguohagu

“Muhammadu buhari he is the hero in NIGERIA ?? not even Nigeria the whole Africa,  congratulation BABA my ALLAH s.w.a see you through it.”

“This Buhari election was always going to be a Catch-22 situation. Win, problem. Lose, problem.

Tyres are being burnt on the road right now in Lafia, Nasarawa State, and travellers on the Makurdi-Lafia-Abuja road are being harassed.

It could escalate. ” said @collinsUma

@@fithed said “President @MBuhari lost three times in the past and was cheated according to him, but take it in Good faith and didn’t reject any election results, @atiku is not a democrat as he is claiming, is this the leader Nigerians would have voted?”

“If the APC had fielded another candidate aside Buhari, they would have lost this election to PDP.

Buhari himself was the “KEY”, this is not about his achievements as president, its about his MASSIVE FOLLOWERSHIP and LOYALISTS in the CORE NORTH and FEW alliance/Merger in the SW.” @allboyz

Omoyele Sowore also opined that the election was not free and fair.

“Good morning Nigeria! Elections are over, but it is de javu! This election wasn’t free and fair. As you can see, even the “winners” can’t  celebrate! #TakeItBack

“They announce your ‘win’ and it is as if a majority of the nation is in mourning mode. That ought to tell you something. You can rig votes, but you can’t rig the public’s mood.” – @benmurraybruce.

Many Nigerians also reacted to the decision of Mr Abubakar to go to court.

@AdamuAlkasimSu1 said “@atiku Just accept ur defeat sir, pray, to be in court will be another way of time waste and financial destruction. While at long last the result will be negative. Accept my advice.”

@mdmshelia said “@atiku Well, your message only goes to 1% of Nigeria’s. Hope will use another medium of communication to reach the poor masses, they are our problem for now. High level of illiteracy.”

@jessystnuel said: “@atiku Sir, u are the people’s choice. If for any reason u weren’t chosen, it doesn’t make u a failure or devalue who u are. It simply means our lawmakers are yet to be convinced. I know u to be a peaceful man, pls let peace rain.

Attacking Mr Abubakar for his decision, @wealthrope02 said:  “You better don’t waste your money and energy to seek any redress in court. Nigerians rejected you and they will reject you a millions time.

Another person, @engr_tootech said: @atiku Sir we are behind you, you must challenge this injustice, pls don’t give up in this fight to make Nigeria work again, some of us voted and some of us was disfranchised, we can all see the mood in the street, it shows they are forcing someone on us.”

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