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Ifite School Road In A Poor Condition

The popular Ifite road that leads to the UNIZIK school gate in Ifite Awka Anambra State has become an eyesore. The road, known for its constant poor condition, is down again this rainy season. Passing through the road, one is forced to ask if this is truly a road that leads to a federal University. 

The road mainly used by students and residents who reside near the school has been a source of concern for its poor state despite the poor maintenance usually carried out on it. Potholes, blocked gutters with refuse, dumpsite along the long side has become a common sight for road users.

During the rainy season when the road is usually at its worst, drivers make use of one side of the road as the other is either not motorable or is being used as a dumpsite, thereby causing traffic.

Reports have shown that the Anambra Road Maintenance Agency (ARMA) had done some repairs on the road but it kept going to back to its former state. The reason for this lies between two causes, poor maintenance or poor road construction. 

Tochukwu, a resident and former student of UNIZIK, complained that it is a shame that a road that leads to a Federal University, and in the capital of Anambra State, is in that condition. He pointed out that during his time as a student in 2017/2018 that the road was rebuilt, but not properly, as the problem returned almost immediately.

Favour, a student of the university, said that the road disgusts her anytime she passes there. 

Mr Chidibere, a driver and a frequent road user, said: “Well the road in Ifite is really bad, it affects us, drivers, in the sense that our tyres get spoiled, and it weakens the steering, camber, and other parts. The potholes are too much that it takes up more time than required to get to the school gate. It causes traffic which is frustrating for passengers, mostly drivers.”



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