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IWD 2022: How Female OAU Students Are Breaking The Bias

The 2022 commemoration of the International Women’s Day was heralded by several types of media coverage and a large media presence where people shared opinions on the need for women to be included in all sectors in the society with no form of segregation.

This Campus Reporter correspondent conducted a survey on how the female presidents of associations on the Obafemi Awolow University campus have been able to manage administrative duties.

1. Olabiyi Faith Olamide is a part 4 student of the Department of English and President, National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies (NASELS) OAU. The love she has for NASELS and the zeal to serve people prompted her to contest for the office of the association’s President. Her administration has been smooth so far with no challenges nor obstacles. Her advice to other women on breaking the bias is to “set goals and believe in yourself. Believe that you can do it!”

2. Alofe Faith Opeyemi is a part 4 student of the Department of English and the President, Association of Campus Journalists, OAU.

The need to help other growing campus reporters to be able to lend their voices and be a solution to the cause of their immediate community and the world at large prompted her to contest. Her administration so far has been very great. She has not encountered any obstacles so far. Her advice to other women is that “attaining the apex seat is achievable. Never be backed into a corner, you deserve the best seat you aim for. Go for it.”

3 Ruth Itasoa Okoh is a part 5 student from the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University. She is the President of the Maritime Law Students’ Society, OAU. She has always been passionate about the development of the Society and she wants to improve on the already existing systems put in place by her predecessors. Her administration has had its challenges so far but “overall it has been a great experience.”

According to her, there are obstacles but nothing too serious for her administration to handle. Her advice for other females is that they are good enough for whatever they want to achieve, they should not second guess themselves.

4. Gloria Oyebode is a final year Law student at Obafemi Awolowo University and the President of The Alternate Dispute Resolution Society. “The journey has been excellent, ingenious and smooth. The coordination and human resources is also extremely top notch.” One of the obstacles she has faced in the administration was the non-participation of members at the early stage but that now a thing of the past. Her advice to other women is that the world is theirs for the taking. “No shaking. No slacking, No surrender.”

5. Bolatito Badirat Awujoola is a part 4 student of the Department of Local Government and Development Studies. She is the President of the National Association of Local Government Students, OAU. She contested for the position because there was a need for it and she became the first female President of the Association.

The administration has been going well. One of the challenges they have is finance. Her advice to other females is that they should have the right mindset and believe in themselves and in their dreams. “As a lady, be strong and be full of good virtues.”

6. Taiwo Akande is a part 4 student from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. She currently serves as the Head Plogga, Plogging Nigeria Club, OAU.

The administration for her has been a process of learning and development, fun and engaging. “There have been challenges but having a good team enhances the synergy for beautiful work delivery.” Her advice for other ladies is that “women are beautifully made. They should not allow for any form of stereotypes and they should reject all form of discrimination.”

7. Fiyinfoluwa Adeosun is a part 5 Law student at Obafemi Awolowo University and the President of The Tax Club, OAU. She has served as an executive in the club for two years before now. This gave her valuable insight on how administration of the Club works.

On how far the the administration has been, she stated that it has been good. She is grateful for her team of amazing and excellent people. “The members of the club have been very supportive which has made running the club a lot easier.”

The position has taught her how to prioritise and plan effectively. The other challenge has been putting in the extra effort to prove that she knows what she is about. However, she thinks the experience is better than she anticipated.

“Over the years, women have not had equal access to opportunities, this is obvious considering the number of female student leaders OAU has produced. Though the system is likely to limit them but they must think past that. Most importantly, women must support each other to break these biases.”

8. Amani Mariam is a part 5 Law student at Obafemi Awolowo University and the President of the International Law Students Association (ILSA)

ILSA has been a great part of her education since her second year in the university and she has benefited from the association. She wants to serve the association and make members enjoy all the benefits that come with being an ambassador of ILSA.

“The administration has been really great, engaging and promising! As a student and also an entrepreneur who manages a business (AdornedByAmani), handling these things at the same time is not exactly easy but planning helps.

“To break the bias, women should GO FOR IT! They should not not ever question their abilities because so many people who they might not even know admire them greatly.”

9. Ibukun Akinkuotu is a part 5 Law student at Obafemi Awolowo University. She is the Chairperson of the Equity Chambers of the Faculty of Law. Her love for the chambers and act of service prompted her to contest for the position. Though the administration has been quite demanding, she notes that she is enjoying every bit of it

For her, getting money to run the affairs of the chambers has been the major obstacle for the administration. She advised other women that there is no limit to what they can do and achieve. “If you want it, go for it!”

10. Olajumoke Wuraola Oyeyemi is a part 4 Accounting student and the President of the Nigerian Universities Accounting Students Association, OAU.

She considered running for this office during her predecessor’s election. The administrative journey has been incredible. Having diligent and amazing people on her team, in charge of various committees and members of these committees, made things easier and better.

For someone who regularly plans the next day ahead, she usually winds up spending the majority of her time doing inescapable things that she never planned for. However, she has been taking control of this in the best possible manner. Her advice to other females in breaking the bias is that they “should embrace their tenderness and vulnerability as it is about developing knowledge and claiming power and that they are not in competition with anyone but themselves.”

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