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JFC Encourage Journalists To Maintain Work-life Balance

A journalist coalition known as Journalists For Christ has organised a fellowship to motivate journalists and media persons in Nigeria on maintaining the balance between their personal life and work. 

This was held on May 22 at the International Press Centre, Lagos. The fellowship, tagged ‘Achieving Work-Life Effectiveness,’ was held to sensitise journalists on living productively within and beyond the newsroom.

The guest speakers were: Pastor Evans Emmanuel, President of Grace Mission International Adenike Fagbemi, Executive Director, Nixxhash Communications, Kingsley Obom-Egbulem, Journalist and Social Entrepreneur. It was moderated by Salamatu Ejembi, Senior News Editor, Voice of Nigeria.

Mr Emmanuel advised participants to discover factors that can aid their effectiveness both at work and home. He said: “The question is how do I want to live my life? What do I want? This is how to determine work-life effectiveness. As a person, you need to live orderly and set up a plan to take actions.”

“Peace of mind should be paramount in any decision you take. Your expenditures also demand the right actions by spending right and on budget. Don’t just spend, otherwise, you’ll earn so much and have so little to show for it. The impact is the combination of your gift and efforts made.”

Mrs Fagbemi, a media consultant, also urged media persons to live and work within their capabilities. While sharing her experience as a media entrepreneur, she said her ability to limit work stress has played a significant role in her peace of mind.

She said: “Beyond getting the work done, try to understand the basics of living. Do things within your capacity. My peace of mind is very important because there are lots of times when I have briefs and clients who might be asking for unrealistic results. When I tell them the truth and make them see the reality, the stress that I’ll go through will be greatly reduced. That has helped to maintain my sanity and ability to cope with my life personally.”

Mr Kingsley encouraged journalists to build their capacity and have a vision for their personal lives. He spoke against incompetence at work because it can affect the confidence which editors will have in journalists. 

“The easiest way to miss it in life is doing something you don’t have plans or targets for. As a journalist, you should have a vision and align your personal life. To prove your credibility and capacity at work, you should be able to report anything once you’ve gone through the induction or orientation. If you’re given a beat you don’t want, make the best out of the situation. When work clashes with personal life, you have to see yourself beyond the newsroom.”

Media Career Development Network’s Executive Director, Lekan Otufodunrin, (who is also the fellowship’s president) encouraged participants to live right by themselves, work and family. He also advised journalists to maintain mental sanity even in the face of the newsroom’s stress. He believed that balancing work and personal life is the key to an impactful life.

(L-R: Voice of Nigeria Senior News editor, Salamatu Ejembi moderating the session; Journalist and Social entrepreneur, Mr Kingsley Obom-Egbulem; Executive Director, NixxHash Communications, Mrs Adenike Fagbemi; President, Grace Mission International, Pastor Evans Emmanuel at the fellowship)

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