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JIL Holds Job Readiness Program At LASU

Jobs Initiative Lagos held a job readiness program at the Lagos State University LASU Main Auditorium on Thursday 29, 2021.

The JIL program is targeted at the penultimate and final year students and was sponsored by the Lagos State Government Under the administration of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu through the office of the Special Advisor to the Governor on Education matters.

Present in the program are different dignitaries such as Dr Olakunle Goodluck who was representing the Special Advisor on Education matters, Tokunbo Wahab, Dr Olumoko the Dean of LASU student Affairs, Olugbenga Olorunfemi, an Edutech-premier, Fumilayo Adeyemo an Engineer and Broadcast Journalist and students from different institutions in Lagos.

According to the first guest speaker, Olugbenga Olorunfemi, “The program is aimed [at helping] penultimate and final year students to get the right skills to transit into the workplace seamlessly, easily and rightly.”

He further noted that every year Nigerian institutions graduate at least 600,000 students but the country only provides about 140-160 jobs.

“How do you think the huge gap is being balanced? Nigeria doesn’t owe anyone a job, beyond graduating with any class of degree students should think about what they have or can do to make them stand out in the labour market. To get into the labour market you have to have something the next guy doesn’t have also you must move with the current trends of the digital world….If Education is the limited passport to the future digital literacy is the unlimited passport to the future,” Said Mr Olorunfemi.

At the training, students were taught that teamwork and critical thinking are also skills students should equip themselves with before moving into the labour market, according to Funmi Adeyemo the third speaker for the program. The refusal to stay in isolation and work efficiently while in a group on academic activities will help build up students’ team spirit in the labour market and also the ability to always think differently, out of the box, and experiment with new ideas will also allow students to arrive at news conclusions and breakthroughs.

The fear of failure should not be a stumbling block to students’ dreams, “But, failure is an ingredient to success, not an ingredient to stop one from trying,” said Funmilayo Adeyemo.

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