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LASU Holds 78th Inaugural Lecture

The Lagos State University LASU held its 78th inaugural lecture at the Buba Maruwa Auditorium on Tuesday the 27th of July 2021.

The lecture, “Preventive Counselling Intervention: Improving The Well-being Of All,” is the second inaugural lecture from the Counselling Unit of the University and was presented by Prof. Afolashade Airat Suliamon from the Department of Educational Foundation and Counseling, Faculty of Education.

Professor Suliamon possesses different academic degrees from different institutions including the Lagos State College of Education Ijanikin, where she obtained an NCE degree in History and CRS Counselling Psychology, Lagos State University where she obtained a  BA. Ed in History, and an M.Ed in Counselling Psychology and also a D.Ed. in Counselling Psychology from the University of Durban-Westville, Republic of South Africa. She has also published different academic articles, co-authored and authored a book. Her unquenchable thirst for knowledge also prompted her to acquire entrepreneurship skills in Catering, Tailoring and Hairdressing.

The inaugural lecture was held both physically and virtually and was graced by different dignitaries, staff and people from different parts of the world. Present in the lecture was Prof. Oyedamola Oke, the Acting Vice-Chancellor of Lagos State University, Emmanuel A. Fanu the University’s Registrar, Prof. Tunde Owolabi, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, other Deans and Directors of different Faculties and units of the university, Families of the students and other members of staff.


Professor Suliamon explained the different types of sexual violence such as rape, sexual abuse and assault, the consequences the victims face and the ways they can be prevented in the country. She also spoke on the role the law has to play to ensure that the perpetrators of such actions do not go free. 

Additionally, she corrected the notions people have on Islam as a religion that encourages early marriage, physical abuse, female circumcision and the likes.


She further advised that parents should teach their children and wards about the acronym PANTS, which is that: P- Privates are private, A -Always remember your body belongs to you, N -No means no, T -Talk about secrets that upset you and S -Speak up, someone can help you. Also when rejecting sexual advances, one should “Say No, Act No and Mean No.”

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