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LAUTECH Students Speak About The Impact Of The ASUU Strike

The recently suspended ASUU strike has undoubtedly made every student have another life experience. While some students found it beneficial, others complained that it affected their goals.

In this report, four LAUTECH students speak about their experience during the ASUU strike.  

Abidoye-Oladejo Olusola Favour, a 300L student from the Pure and Applied Biology department, said the 8-month strike was devastating.

“8 months off school affected a lot of plans I had already in terms of my academics. I should be at a new level already, but here I am, trying to work it out in less than 2 months,” he said. 

However, this strike turned into a blessing for him. 

Abidoye said his stay at home was stressful and boring at first until he started photography. “The strike allowed me to hop into photography, a passion I had for a long time. Also got myself equipped with more knowledge on cryptocurrency, web 3, and the tech space at large.”

Abidoye also said he personally engaged in crypto-related research through research and networking. “My drive for photography is a passion as well as crypto.” 

He further stated he had a few wins during the strike, but his most memorable win was in crypto.  

In line with the commencement of the academic activities, Abidoye said, “The eight months off school activities made me kind of lazy, struggling to get back on my feet in terms of reading. My current foresight is to try as much as possible to make the best out of this semester and keep a good result.”

Abidoye-oladejo Olusola Favour

Akindele Mary-Juliana, a 200L student of the Nutrition and Dietetics department, said the strike was a blessing in disguise for her. Noting that she felt bad when the industrial strike action was first declared, she still used the time off to learn new skills.

“I learned more about poetry. It had always been my dream to acquire more knowledge about poetry,” she said.

”There were wins and losses for me during the 8 months, but the most memorable and painful thing is that I lost a friend.”

“She developed a brain tumour last year, and she had her first [round of chemotherapy] in December. She was not able to get the funds this year for the second [round of chemotherapy], and she died on 8th October 2022,” Akindele recounted.

Akindele Mary

Oyeniyi Samuel, a 200L civil engineering student, said he barely spent three months at home during the 8-months strike. Oyeniyi said transitioning from home to school was imminent.

He explained that his stay at home was very boring and stressful. He further explained that being in school helped him focus more on his studies during the period and achieve so many things he wouldn’t have thought of in a short while.

“ASUU strike gave me the opportunity to get my first graphics design gig, and it was like the biggest win for me during the period because I never thought my designs could be recognised by prospects,” Oyeniyi added.

Oyeniyi Samuel

Awe Olajumoke Rachael, a 200L Animal Production and Health student, said the strike was a blessing. However, when the strike started, she was positive it would be a waste of time. 

For Awe, she was able to use the time to learn more about the catering business and impact her spiritual development. The strike had no negative effects on her personal life, and she admonished students who failed to benefit in any way from the strike.

“It’s really bad that some students still find it difficult to make a thing out of the strike. 8 months it’s equivalent to at least 2 semesters. It’s too long for someone not to make use of it, anyways opportunity comes but once, if they failed to use that opportunity, there may not be any other one, so if they have that kind of opportunity some other time, they should make good use of it,” Awe said.

Awe Olajumoke Rachael

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