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Mixed Reactions Trail Sudden Mass Failure In GST 104 Test Results

The students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto have expressed mixed reactions over mass failure in GST 104 (Library and Information Studies) test results. The course is meant for the 100-Level student under the General Studies Division (GST).

Some students believe that the score given to them was less than what they expected and some students believe that the cause of mass failure was a result of the negligence of the students and lack of enlightenment and experiences to answer questions as new students in the institution.

The 200-level students and 300-level students opined that the score given to the 100-level students is what they got and there is no manipulation in the test results released by the GST unit on Friday.

Aminu Umar, a 100-level student of Physics said that most of his colleagues he spoke with complained about the network failure while doing the GST 104 test.

“Some even said the system used to submit the examination before answering all the questions,” he noted.

Imam Taofeeq Ahmad, a 100-level student of Political Science expressed his sadness over the mass failure in GST 104 and noted that most of them got less than they expected due to fault from the division.

“Alhamdulillah, I did well but not up to my expectations. Possibly the problem might come from the GST unit why because the rate of failure this time around is unbelievable,” he bemoaned.

Abdulkadir Sofiullahi, a 100-level student of Sociology lambasted his colleagues over taking GST courses with levity hands. He blamed his colleagues for the cause of mass failure in the test and emphasised that the fault is not from the GST division. 

“Noticeably, the students stick to the fact that the marking was mistaken, but this is farther away from the truth because the computer was an unbiased form of examination. Students should work smart and hold themselves responsible for their failure that way we can shun the act of laziness and responsible for our failure. I believe if these are corrected the rate of students’ failure will be alleviated to a bearest minimum,” he said

Olokooba Omobolaji Abdulwasiu, a 300-level student of Law lambasted the 100-level students for shifting the blame to the GST unit for their failure in the test. He noted that the score released by the GST division is what they got and there is no manipulation anywhere.

Samuel Otsayi Otokpa, a 100-level student of Literature in English said he cannot blame students nor the GST division for their failure in the test. 

“Absolutely, not in support of either. I can’t say students failed because a couple of friends whom I know, were 95% sure they’d score excellently well and I’d not say it was manipulated because it would dispute the fact that the few other students who did well.. did well by luck, or because it was manipulated and that wouldn’t be true either,” he noted. 

GST’s Director Reacts

The Director of General Studies Division, Dr M. G. Mahuta said the cause of the failure is as a result of negligence from the students and he pointed out that it may be the fault of lecturers who are handling the course.

He lambasted the students who refused to complain immediately after their system developed a fault during the test, noting that lack of enlightenment and exposure to CBT test caused the failure of 100-Level students in GST 104.

”This is not a manual form of the exam that can easily be manipulated but this is a CBT that will mark your script and give you what you deserve. The GST unit doesn’t manipulate any result, you were all given what you scored,” he clarified.

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