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OAU Appears Wrong To Have Withdrawn Student Over Poor Performance

Claim by the authorities Obafemi Awolowo University that a student failed to meet academic threshold, causing termination of his studentship by the school appears erroneous, according to an official and a document seen by CAMPUS REPORTER. 

The school said Akeem Osungbade, chairman of Angola Hall of Residence, had failed to meet the academic criterion for active studentship, which is minimum of 1.0 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) on 5.0 scale, in his results of both semesters in the 2015/2016 session, according to a notice signed by the Registrar, Dotun Awoyemi on October 16.

Consequently, Mr. Awoyemi announced: “Osungbade Akeem Olaboye (aka Wisdom) has been withdrawn from the university on the account of his poor academic performance in 2015/2016 academic session.”

However, the Head of Department of Zoology, Mr. Osungbade’s department, Michael Awodiran, suggested the school’s decision was based on erroneous judgement, that is, Mr. Osungbade had failed to meet the required threshold to maintain his studentship.

“He is our student,” said Mr. Awodiran, confirming to our correspondent that the Mr. Osungbade’s studentship is still active.

Then, our correspondent sighted a document, a sheet of results, showing Mr. Osungbade, 200 level student of Zoology, recorded over 1.0 in the 2015/2016 session. 

Our correspondent also gained access to his page on the school’s e-portal, and confirmed he scored over 1.0 in the 2015/2016 session. 

Asked why he had not debunked the school’s claim immediately, Mr. Osungbade told our correspondent he was just recuperating.

“I’ve been sick all this while and I’m just getting better,” he said. 

He said he met the threshold, though, late release of results could have driven the judgement of the school. “Some of my results came late, because I did my part 1 registration lately.”

Meanwhile, he alleged the impeached president of the Student’s Union , Edward Oyekan, was behind his travails.

“A member of the security unit once told me the alleged rustication was as a result of my stance against Dr. IBK’s oppressive moves and I will never be a supporter of oppression and corruption,” he said.

The public relations officer of the university, Abiodun Olanrewaju, advised Mr. Osungbade to write the office of the registrar, if he’s confident his met the threshold to maintain active studentship.

“Let him go back if the letter issued is inversely proportional to what is in his result. He should write a letter to the office of the Registrar through his H.O.D,” Mr. Olanrewaju told our correspondent. 

 But Mr. Osungbade said he may sue the school.

 “I might later end up taking legal actions against the action of the school,” he said.

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