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Outcry Over A Blessing In Maiduguri

For decades, rainfall has been one of the blessed gifts that every household craves for in Maiduguri, annually.

However, this year’s rainfall has left some of Maiduguri’s residents in a state of dilemma as they expressed dissatisfaction over the destruction of livelihoods and properties that the downpour has caused lately. 

Speaking to CAMPUS REPORTER, Zara Mohammed (a resident of Shettimari) said she was in her room when she heard a loud crashing sound. Reaching outside, she saw that the entire fence of their house had collapsed as a result of the heavy downpour. 

Similarly, Halima Mohammed (a resident of the same town) said the rainfall has caused a lot of damage to her house. The rain had destroyed her rooms due to lack of enough waterways in the area, adding that the available waterways pile up garbage in the area which is hazardous to health.

Another resident of London Ciki behind Gidan Dambe who pled anonymity said it has been the norm every year for the rain to flood their area as they lack drainage systems. He said the water becomes stagnant, clogged and a great breeding place for mosquitoes, adding that the majority of households in the area suffer from malaria and typhoid frequently. He disclosed that the relevant authorities have come to survey and desilt the area in an attempt to intervene properly but the intervention is yet to come.

However, a resident of Dala Alamdari known as Yusuf Sule, stated that there are drainage systems in the area but whenever the rain falls, it overflows and floods everywhere. He said houses have to be drained out whenever it rains.

Other areas affected by the rain include Maiduguri, Dala Yajuwa, Dala Kafe, Dala Lawanti, Dala Dari, Ajilari and some parts of Sulumri.

Although rain is a natural phenomenon, the residents posed the need for a drainage system and appealed to relevant authorities to come to their aid in order to curtail the menace. 

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