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Over 20 Students Hospitalised In Ijero College Fumigation

On the 27th of May, students at the College of Health Technology, Ijero-Ekiti took to the streets in outrage over the timing of a fumigation process initiated by the school management which resulted in the hospitalisation of about 20 students.

Information received from sources close to the incident revealed that the action was a result of the expected visit of the First Lady of Ekiti State. It was further revealed that the fumigation began and continued while students were writing their examinations.

It was gathered that the fumigation led to health issues for some of the students who were admitted to the health centre while complicated cases were transferred to ABUAD and FMC Ido where a student is reportedly in a coma. Students were reportedly rioting in the school premises leading to damage of properties. Luckily, no death was recorded at the time of submitting this report. 

In an online chat with a NANS executive who pleaded for anonymity on account of proximity, he berated the school authority for taking such action, despite being aware of the severity of the consequences. Furthermore, he urged the governor’s wife to ensure the well-being of the affected students.

He said: “The coming of the governor’s wife doesn’t give the school authority the right to put their students’ health in jeopardy as they know fumigation is dangerous when inhaled. This shouldn’t have been done during school activities and as such, the school authority should be blamed for the casualties and injured students. The wife of the governor must also see to the medical attention of all the injured students.”

This reporter put a call through to an officer at the Student Affairs Department to ask for an official statement from the body. Unfortunately, the officer stated that he was unable to disclose any information regarding the cause without approval from the management. However, he noted that there is calm in the college premises, though the students have damaged properties and posed threats to officials in the college. 

The Dean of Student Affairs was not reachable as his phone was switched off as at the time of filing this report.

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