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Oyo State Students Lament Over Delay in Bursary, Declare Peaceful Protest

On the 29th of August, 2020, the National Council of the Federation of Oyo State Students (FOSSU) promised to embark on a peaceful confrontational protest on 7th September 2020 against the non-payment of bursary to students across the state.

In a press statement released by the leaders of the union, Comrade Azesz Muritala Olowoeko and Senator Ajadi Isac Oluwasegun, who are President and Senate President, respectively, said that the decision to embark on the massive protest was concluded at a virtual meeting which had in attendance the executives and principal officials of the senate.

Recall that FOSSU National had earlier called the attention of the governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde, to the non-payment of bursary to the students and issued an ultimatum of 14-days which lapsed on the 27th of August 2020.

The statement released reads:

“Sequel to the ultimatum issued by the Federation of Oyo State Students’ Union which lapsed on the 27th of August, 2020, to the Oyo State government, the leadership of the Union has recently held a productive virtual meeting. The meeting had in attendance both the Executive and principal officials of the Senate.

“It was reported during the meeting that the State government is yet to respond to the yearning of Oyo states Students despite the 14 days ultimatum. In turn, this complacence and pretence of the government have sent a wrong signal to the minds of Students’ populace, for It is now considered that the government of the day has nothing to offer Oyo Students as regards bursary and scholarship disbursement.

“It should be recalled that the union, in a bid to bridge the gap between Students and government body had issued a 14days ultimatum to Oyo state government dated 13th of August, 2020 which lasted till 27th of August, 2020.

“The ultimatum was considered the next line of action after a series of letters and resolutions in meetings with the government which was deliberately ignored.

“Conclusively, the union hereby calls for staunch support, dedication and commitment of all leaders, cadres, activist, unionist, and the entire FOSSUITES as the union looks forward to embarking on a daring, decisive and confrontational move on 7th September 2020.

“We hereby call the over 950,000 Oyo state students to take note of the date as we are set to storm Agodi Secretariat.

“Until we are all freed, we are all slaves,

Aluta continua; victoria ascerta.”

However, CAMPUS REPORTER gathered that Local chapters of the Union are also ready for the peaceful protest as they give their solidarity support.

In his press release, Sen. Abdulazeez Maleeq Olamilekan, the president of the union, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto chapter, stated that his local chapter is in total support of the planned protest.

The statement reads:

“FOSSU UDUS stands in solidarity support to the National Council of the Association and in support of the proposed protest over the disbursement of Students’ Bursary which had been long overdue.

“Bursary disbursement, being the right, not privilege, for all Students to be enjoyed during their Studentship in Schools as it partakes a crucial role in lives of Students by the fact that most students sponsor themselves to ensure their academic goal is achieved. Having waited for a long time for a positive response from Oyo State Government which was to no avail. The entire member and the executive council of the  Union deemed it fit to give a maximum and solidarity support to National Council of the Association to ensure the effectiveness of the proposed protest.

“Bursary if disbursed, will surely go a long way in helping Students especially in this trying time of Covid-19.

“Being a Nothern School, it has become so sad that we have been neglected by the State Government quite long ago in every opportunity that is given to Oyo State Students. In line with this, it will be our utmost pleasure if we are able to be part of the beneficiary of the bursary we wish your administration disbursed.

“We must lay this fact that we risk everything of ours by travelling far distance out of the state in ensuring our academic goal is achieved. Therefore, if disbursed, the bursary will help us in different ways such as payment of tuition fees, cater for our daily needs since we won’t be able to visit home in any sooner time whenever in school, Our transport fare back to school is also part of it and many more.

“Being the ambassador of our various schools, we made it known to you that pressure had been mounting on us by the Students we represent in other to ensure quick disbursement of the bursary.

“We appreciate the current government administration for the scholarship awarded to the law student times ago, and we implore them to extend it to every student, not only law students, to ensure effective and judicious running of the administration.

“Nevertheless, having failed to give a positive response within the ultimatum given to you to revealed the modalities which the bursary will be paid. 

“We hereby declare our Solidarity support to the proposed protest by the National Council of the Association and promised massive mobilization of our dear Students for the protest.”

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