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Press Release – #FreeKunleAdebajo

The Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) has released the statement below, appealing to the management of University of Ibadan to consider its decision to rusticate Kunle Adebajo over a critical article published two years ago.

Mr Adebajo, in the article, drew attention to the deplorable state of the facilities at Nigeria’s premier university.

See full statement below

Our attention has been drawn to the difficulties at the University of Ibadan leading to the suspension of Kunle Adebajo.

The current narrative around the matter suggests that Kunle Adebajo is being punished on account of his journalism.

We want to appeal to the authorities of the University of Ibadan to take a second and kinder look at the matter by interpreting within a freedom of expression framework, In doing so, we also urged the Vice Chancellor and the University administration to consider restoring Mr Kunle to normal status that will allow him to proceed to the Nigerian Law School without losing out on his study progress.

The University of Ibadan has earned a deserving place and reputation as Africa’s coveted centre of excellence in knowledge creation as well as in the promotion of academic freedom and the broad context of liberty as a condition for progress.

Believing in this leadership promise of UI, PTCIJ appeals to the authorities to invest its decision to review this case in the long tradition of the University for tolerance, for investment in constructive dissent and contention, knowing full well that such an example carries the full promise of multiplier impact in a political season of tension and rigid positioning.

Knowing full well that the authorities of the University of Ibadan understand that case review and giving a second chance to pupils in Kunle’s situation represent strength and character the PTCIJ thank Prof Olayinka and his able team for an anticipated favourable review of this case.

We are strategic partners of the University in many programmes and again on this, we look up in pride and honour for your prudent assessment of this important decision.

Joshua Olufemi
Program Director

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