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Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Behind every successful goal is a solid plan and preparation towards it. Also, behind most failures are feeble preparations.

An adage says: “He who fails to prepare, prepares to fail.” This means that preparation can be in positive and negative ways. When the positive way means the real preparation that can yield to a positive outcome, base on how the preparation is, the negative way means lack of preparation which results in total failure as an outcome.

Every properly planned program will always give the attendees the best. Example of this is what a stage actor undergoes before appearing on the theatre stage to entertain the audience. 

A wonderful stage actor must have gone through some hidden steps, amongst which are: Reading of the whole script to know what the play is all about, then, re-read which means the second reading of the script to know his/her roles in the play. Cramming of the script follows because he/she will not hold the script on the stage. The next step is called imitation because live drama is all about imitations. The stage actor has to put all that he/she has read and understood into practice and master them well before appearing on stage exactly like the character he/she wants to represent before the audience in the theatre.

For a presenter to present a paper presentation pleasantly to please the present people at a particular place or gathering, or on radio and television broadcast, he/she must have gone through a proper preparation through practice and several self-assessment so as not to perform poorly and disappoint him/herself.

Every student who aims higher grade and wonderful scores in his/her examination must prepare properly and avoid anything that could jeopardize the future of his/her academic pursuit. All forms of malpractices and marks manipulation must be mainly avoided while the focus should be placed at the aimed goal with positive mind accompanied by hard-working and prayer.

A dream chaser should not relent because he/she has not achieved his/her aim, more patience will help every individual who works hard with prayer because heaven helps those who help themselves. Those who have made it should also not mock the striving ones. They should remember that, he who laughs last laughs well.

Many people have failed in life because they lack proper preparation for many great things that could have benefited them. Procrastination caused the downfall of many people while lack of focus caused some. So, make hay while the sun shines.

Not all mistakes are destined to happen, some are caused by a man by himself. Even if destined to happen, it might not be too much as the man has made it happen. 

Proper Preparation of one’s life partner is very important as well. Proper consultation and advise are useful in selecting a marital home. It is good to wish for the best but prayer and seeking God’s guidance help in having the best, not by mere seeing the person. Not all that glitters is gold because money made Mary’s mother marry a mad man. 

In governing a state, a leader must have prepared himself and what to offer his citizens very well before assuming the office, so, he won’t use the position wrongly, his mistakes would not be opened to the populace and people will not notice his work’s weakness. 

On a final note, it is very crucial to always be properly prepared against any task, all activities or challenges in life. Also, proper preparation in all aspects of life is very important as it prevents poor life living. 

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