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Protest in Oye, Ikole Over Blackout

The Students’ Union of the Federal University Oye Ekiti (FUOYE) shut down the activities of the school on Tuesday, to protest against epileptic electricity supply in the school and its environs.

The Union called for the protest on Monday night.

Tuesday’s protest comes months after a similar protest held on the 24th of April this year where the Oloye of Oye sympathised with the students and offered to help alleviate their discomfort.

The Oloye of Oye, Oba Michael Ademolaju, said: “I have a 5000 unit transformer, I will ask the NEPA to fix anytime they are ready. The local government has no money to fix it. But the BEDC which is collecting money from the clients will fix it at the junction where there is no transformer so that it can serve the students.”

Since then, however, nothing has changed.

Adeleye Adedapo, the Vice President of the Student Union, confirmed the protest and noted that despite their resolve to effect a peaceful protest, they intend to get results.

“We are moving towards the NEPA office. We are here to protest the blackout in Ikole community at large and the University. We need power.”

“We protested last semester and we were deceived by being given power supply non-stop for about a week or so. Since then, we have been experiencing [a] blackout. It is a peaceful protest but we will make sure we lock up their office for about two days or two weeks till we get our desired results.”

Jimoh Asiat, a 300 level student of English and Literary Studies has lauded the efforts put in by the SUG to make students comfortable. 

“If it yields results, it is for our own good. Some people are angry that they wasted their transport fare to school but they will still be the ones complaining about the lack of power supply. The consultation part has been done, it’s time for confrontation. We cannot continue like this. This is not how our colleagues in other schools study. We deserve the best too.”

Eyewitness reports state that the main school gate is currently locked with the Student Union car parked across the road leading to the gate and students as well as members of staff have been denied entrance into the school premises. 

The school’s spokesperson, Godfrey Bakji reacted by saying: “The students’ protest is about the poor state in Oye Ekiti town where most of them reside. That explains why they have gone out of campus to attract the attention of those they term notable government officials. It is not within the purview of the University management to regulate the supply of power outside its campuses. I just hope their protests will yield the desired results.”

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