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Rain Wreaks Havoc, Destroys Houses In Ilorin

On Saturday night, the Ilorin metropolis witnessed a heavy downpour which damaged scores of houses within the city.

The rain, which started around 10 pm on Saturday, came with a thunderstorm that damaged house roofs, walls and electrical poles in the capital of Kwara state. 

This reporter gathered that houses located at Ita’adu, Alagbado and Okelele community were the most affected by the havoc caused by the rain on Saturday night. 

Mr Nurudeen Otte, one of the affected residents, said the rain met him and his family unprepared and they needed to move to a neighbour’s house when the roof of their house was removed by the storm. 

“We had already gone to sleep when the rain started and I didn’t expect it to be too heavy like it was. I [had] to move my family to our neighbour’s house when our roof was removed,” he said. 

Another victim who spoke to this reporter identified herself as Afusat Issa. She revealed that the storm damaged the roofs and destroyed the back wall of her house which has rendered her family homeless. 

“The rain removed my ceilings and roof and also demolished the back wall of my house and this has made my family homeless.  We have no definite place to sleep,” she said. 

Similarly, Mr Maruf Adisa, a resident of Alagbado community who was also affected by the storm, explained to this reporter how the rain has made his family (a wife and four children) resort to squatting in a friend’s house and implored the state government to render instant aid to all the affected victims.

“We have no option. I have to take my wife with four children to my friend’s place because the damage caused by the storm to my house is beyond what I am financially capable to repair in weeks to come.

“And I beg the state government to please, come to our rescue. They should help us without any delay,” he begged. 

Many still await a government response to this situation, if any.

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