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Sam Adeyemi Urges Youth To Take Advantage Of #EndSARSProtest To Secure Nigeria’s Development

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, founder and Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos has urged Nigerian youths to take advantage of the #EndSARS protest to secure deep change for the nation’s development. 

The dynamic teacher and cleric made this known in a statement available on his official Twitter page on Tuesday. 

Mr Adeyemi urged the protesters to speak forcefully but peacefully without engaging in violent protests. 

According to the statement, he said: “Rarely does a generation have the opportunity to lead change as the one handed to the youths of Nigeria right now through #SARSMUSTEND. It cuts across the fault lines that divide Nigeria.

“My dear young citizen, you must use this rare opportunity to secure deep changes that will lead to Nigeria’s development. The systems you confront are strategic and tactical. They may be steps ahead. You need to think long term and pace yourself.

“Speak forcefully but peacefully. Don’t be provoked to violence. Don’t act somebody else’s script. Lightning has enough power to light a city, but it destroys because it has no structure. Shift gear into participation in the political process when the time comes soon.”

“The police officer causing you trauma is also dehumanised by the system. He is paid peanuts and forced to extort money to make his uniform, maintain operational vehicles and retire some to bosses. Fight for him and his children.

“The generation before yours had such an opportunity 26/27 years ago when the result of a free and fair election was annulled. The protests that ensued partly birthed the democracy we enjoy today. Remind elected leaders you’re only continuing the fight.

“Some of you will be governors, senators, president, CEOs, etc., in 10 to 20 years. Hold the vision of a developed Nigeria in your heart. Commit to value human life, be honest, promote justice, serve with excellence, and cultivate leadership skills. God will help you. #ENDSARS, ” he ended. 

Nigerians across the globe have taken to streets and online since last week to protest against the highhandedness of the rogue Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) of the police force.

There have been protests in Lagos, Abuja, Abeokuta, Anambra, Abia, Cross River, Ibadan, Kwara, Ebonyi, Ibadan and other states across Nigeria. 

The Inspector-General of Police in the country announced the dissolution of the rogue police unit on Sunday but their officers and squad cars have been recorded on the streets even after the announcement. This has forced protesters to continue demanding for an end to the unit along with 4 other demands including justice for those killed by SARS officials.

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