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Security Personnel And Stakeholders Meet To Discuss Insecurity In The Iworoko Community

A week after the Dermagreen robbery attack, a delegation of the Iworoko Security Committee had a round table discussion with the Chief Security Officer of Ekiti State University, which included the Deputy CSO, Mr Aina, a representative of the DPO, Iworoko Police Division, EKSU SUG President and four vigilantes.

The uprising and increase in lawlessness in the student community, which has been a concern for residents, prompted swift action by different stakeholders who were present at the meeting. 

In his opening remarks, the CSO, Rtd. Captain Augustine Ajayi, expressed gratitude to the committee for their diligence and commitment towards the safety of lives in the host community, despite not being paid for six months. However, he assured them of an ongoing process to disburse their money and promised that subsequent payments will be made when due. 

Emphasizing the need for local security personnel, the CSO recognised how paramount their presence is in the community.

“This is their town, they know every nook and cranny of this town and as such makes the work somewhat easy for them. Hence, the importance of this meeting, because we need a way forward regarding recent robbery attacks.”

Mr Olaguntoye Coker, a member of the security committee, commended the CSO and his team for their efforts to sustain a peaceful coexistence among students and local indigenes of the community. 

He noted that the school community has six areas and urged the Student Union President to work on creating a student committee on security-related matters with members representing each area.

“We will hold a meeting with them so that they can meet the vigilantes and have their contact in case of any security emergency because we can’t be everywhere at the same time as we only have a motorcycle at the moment,” Mr Coker said. 

During the discussion, a member of the committee known as Mr Adekunle Matthew, warned students about the risks and dangers of staying out late. He also appealed to students to avoid using their generators late in the night around 11 pm as it would prevent them from hearing the distress call from fellow students during an attack. 

Chief Ogunyemi, who also is a member of the Iworoko Security Committee, pleaded with students not to take justice into their hands.

“Students need to trust us. They shouldn’t beat people to death the moment they are suspected of a crime but contact either us or the Police. If criminals are handed over to us, we will take them to the Police for justice to be served.”

Meanwhile, the Deputy CSO accused some vigilantes of being childish, while also recommending strategies to ensure work balance. 

“Elders of the committee, I implore you to help us talk to members of the vigilantes. Some of them are childish and they don’t make the work easy, they betray the community sometimes. We need you to help us plead with them to see the students as their junior siblings and not pick fights with them at every opportunity. They should also be given whistles so that they can alert others in case of emergencies and also create awareness of their presence,” he said. 

Rounding up the meeting,  Alade Emmanuel, SUG President, promised to look for trustworthy students who will represent their respective areas in order to work with the security committee. He also asked the security committee to always tender their needs as he will always make sure they are met by all means possible, either from the Students’ Union account or from the management’s account because the security of students will always be a priority.

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