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STUDENTS: Things May Not Be Same When School Finally Resumes, Are You Ready?

When the pandemic forced all institutions in Nigeria to shut down on Monday, 23rd March 2020, some of us thought it will be a short one. We only grabbed a few clothes and items while headed back home. Little did we know that we were embarking on a very long vacation. I know of some students that picked just about 3 pieces of clothes, with the hope that school will reopen soon. But, to our greatest surprise, 5 whole months after the closure, our fate on resumption is still uncertain.

Some have seized the opportunity to work or acquire basic skills indoors. Some, like myself, have taken to eating all day in alliance with the street parlance:  We cannot come and kill ourselves! Lol!)

A lot of us have missed school and it is not all because of the studies.  Studying, for some is the last thing on the list of why we miss school. Yes, it happens. 

Some miss the environment, freedom, and activities that are solely identified with youths. No, I am not divulging what the latter is or I’ll be breaking the youth code. 

What matters is that some of us desire to resume and are tired of been stuck indoors.

This article aims to prepare our minds on expectations when schools finally reopen. But before I proceed, Let me quickly make an introduction of myself. 

I’m Adeyemi Tofunmi, an undergraduate of the Ondo State University of Science and Technology, Okitipupa. I’m studying Civil Engineering and I am the Chief Executive Officer of the blog ( Edutainment website.

Back to where we stopped, things might no longer be the same when schools finally resume. So what are the changes we might expect?

*Hike in School Fees*

Don’t be surprised when you see some institutions increase their tuition fee thereby making it difficult for students to pay. Some institutions will even put pressure on students to pay their tuition fee before a stipulated deadline. Indeed, it might not be easy for many students if there’s a hike in fees because during the lockdown very few were able to hustle. Neither did our parents benefitted from government palliatives.   Some of them even lost their jobs and other means of livelihood. Majority of us are surviving by God’s grace.

Nevertheless, do not let a hike in school fee take you unawares. It is worrying, but It is what it is.

 *Outstanding House Rent /Due Rent*

My landlady has been disturbing me. In fact, I have been avoiding her calls. Not for any other reason but for the overdue house rent. Interestingly, some of us rented our apartments only a few months before the break, and ever since then, we have not stepped our feet in that house. Yet, our landlords and ladies expect rent renewal. We will then bear the cost of paying for an apartment we didn’t occupy for months. Do not be shocked if that house rent is increased.  I am therefore here to warn you: hustle too! I am already imagining you begging your landlord/lady for more time to pay up… this life no balance.


Have you considered how we will now have to relate with one another? The face masks, the frequent hand washing, the physical distancing, a world without hugs?  Have you thought of how this may affect the way we normally socialize in school? Or don’t you think school management may ban parties as a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus? Are you prepared? As for me, I may not freely shake hands again and this may affect the way I socialize.

*Lecturer’s Characters/Expectations*

We all know that lecturers are not the same and they all have different principles.

There is a lecturer of mine that will not allow you to enter the lecture room once he is already inside. Just in case you have forgotten the kind of principles your lecturers hold, study them again and comply accordingly. You don’t want to have a problem passing any course. Somebody even said the lack of studying your lecturer is the beginning of carryover, well I don’t know how true, you tell me.

Remembering your Books 

We all know that the primary assignment of every student is to take their studies seriously.

Let me confess to you, I have not opened my book since I got home for the break and I know I have some of my readers here as accomplices. 

Hope you can still recall where you stopped on each course?  If not, it is time to refresh our memory so we can easily catch up with classes as school resumes.

God no go shame us oo

Is there anything I forgot to add? 

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  1. Olaomo

    Thanks for these articles Mr CEO God bless you real good sir
    You’ve just solved my problem

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