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Team VINSIGHTE Wins the ONCampus Hult Prize Challenge

Team Vinsighte has emerged as the winner of the ONCampus Hult Prize Challenge, hosted at the University of Ibadan.

The team which has also won the Union Bank Campus Innovation challenge, listed among the top 10 innovators at the Merck accelerator program 2018, top 35 at the Google impact challenge, pitched the idea of giving vision and creating insight with the goals of helping millions of people achieve their dreams by aiding them to read and navigate their environment.

The team introduced two products; VISIS 1.0 glasses which take pictures, convert it to text and read the text to the user and VIRI 1.0 which can detect obstacles, alerts the users and keeps user safe.

VIRI is more compact with wider coverage of the environment compared to its competitor, Able Cane which is from Kenya. VISIS is more convenient to use for reading compared to Braille that is the first in Sub-Saharan Africa. The product has also been piloted in Omoyeni School of the blind where about 45 blind students who appreciated the performance were reached.

The event which was sponsored by the University of Ibadan with the partnership with Bovas Company Limited and “we”nnovationHUB, had 43 teams pitching on the final event day.

In a press release, on the 27th of November, it was stated that the first round of pitching, from each stage namely Gold, Sapphire, Diamond and Platinum, three teams were selected being Mr. Farm, Vinsighte, Demeter, Afriplastic, Greenhouse revolution, Smart, Wahala, Sofos, FashionAfrica, Reliers, Kwiki Kart and Madina, while from the selected twelve, only three teams qualified for the final round.

The teams, Mr Farm, Vinsighte and Smart made it to the final round of the event, with Vinsighte bagging the first position with the sum of seventy-five thousand naira (#75,000), team smart bagged the second position with the sum of fifty thousand naira (#50,000) and Mr Farm came third at the final pitch with the sum of thirty-five thousand naira (#35,000).

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