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Two FUOYE students detained for alleged incriminating speech against business man released

Two students of Federal University Oye-Ekiti who were previously arrested and subsequently detained for allegedly making an incriminating statement on social media platform against a businessman, identified as Mr Joseph who owns T&T venture, were released this Thursday evening from the police custody in Oye Town.

The two students identified as Sado Victoria and Adefowokan Praise were arrested after posting alleged ‘incriminating’ speech via WhatsApp platform against T&T business venture owned by Mr Joseph.

According to Miss Victoria she had purchased a USB cord from T&T. However, unfortunately, the cord after sometime malfunctioned. Displeased by how she was received as she returned the cord, she took to the social media.

In the Case of Miss Adefowokan Praise, she corroborated the claim of Miss Victoria by affirming that she had as well once had an unhealthy transaction with the same T&T before.

Miss Praise was consequently arrested on Wednesday, while Miss Victoria was detained upon showing up at Oye Police Division while being accompanied by FUOYE security personnel and a friend earlier Thursday.

Speaking to Campus Reporter, Mr Joseph, owner of T&T said all his products are not fake and that it is possible a charger is faster than the other as a result of the variation in price, but not to the extent of totally refusing to be functional.

He further added that he would do nothing bad to students since they are his customers and many students can testify to several generous acts he has done.

The Divisional Police Officer, Oye Division, strongly condemned the actions of the victims as it was, according to him, against the law.

He reprimanded the victims for taking the law into their hands through the Internet post and emphasised that they should have come to make a report of the unhealthy transaction instead.

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