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UDUS Students Express Delight Over Infrastructural Development On Campus

Students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS), have expressed their joy over the infrastructural development that is going on within the UDUS main campus. The ongoing project includes the construction of the perimeter of the wall fence, construction and renovation of roads and pavement within the campus.

The infrastructure includes the construction of a modern fence with electric wire, which started from the school gate to encircle the school environment.

The construction of roads and drainage inside the Faculty of Law, drainage systems and pavements constructed at the school mini-mart road, Biological Apiary Centre, Department of Fisheries, and the restoration of solar light from the school second gate to Kwanksiyya Stadium Road.

The students asserted that the ongoing project will strengthen the security on campus, and would also beautify the UDUS environment. 

The Dean Students’ Affairs, (UDUS), Prof. Aminu Mode, described the ongoing infrastructure development on campus as a commendable effort from the management to beautify the university and also tighten security on campus. He advised this reporter to contact the school PRO to get more details on the ongoing project.

In an interview with the University PRO, Alhaji Isma’il Muhammad Yauri, he explained that there are two ongoing projects within UDUS main campus which are the project on the fencing of the university which is being carried out by the management of the university and the other project is the construction of pavement and road construction which was being executed by one contractor who received the contract from the federal government.

When he was asked about the authenticity of the news going viral that Udus is planning to build a new senate building, he clarified that:

“The Executive Director of Petroleum Research Resources, who was a lecturer of the University, came to the university and the Vice-Chancellor appealed to him on the need to help the university construct a new senate building and he replied that he was going to look at it. He hasn’t said anything whether it’s going to be done or not.”

Jibril Ahmad, a 200-Level student, UDUS, department of Economics expressed his contentment over the infrastructural development, stating that it would embellish the university and also lessen the level of insecurity on campus.

“The fencing will as well differentiate students from non-students and prevent free mixing of students from non-students. The construction of pavement and roads within the campus will prevent the students from the inconvenience caused by the dry dust of Sokoto, as well as illuminate the beautification of the campus,” he stated.

While speaking with Abdulganeey Abdulrahman, a 200-Level student of the Islamic Studies department, he described the ongoing project as a welcome development, noting that it would add to the security standard of the university and make the environment clean and attractive.

Adekanbi Mariam Olawumi, a 300-Level student of Chemistry Education told CAMPUS REPORTER that the construction of roads and pavement will ensure the free movement of vehicles on campus without any causing any damages.

“It beautifies the school and prevent the vehicle from damages and also reduce time to reach the destination within campus due to smooth road. Construction of pavement mainly beautify and make the campus look more attractive and make the environment conducive for studies,” she noted.

Umar Aliyu, a 100-Level student of Veterinary Medicine also said that the fencing of the University will prevent strangers from entering the University as they used to and it would beautify and ensure smooth transportation of students on campus.

Wahab Afolabi, a 100-Level student of Computer Science also shared his joy over the infrastructure on campus, affirming that it would secure the school from kidnappers, bandits, and thieves within the campus.

“When the roads are well constructed, it would be a privilege for students who have cars and motorcycles to take along to class and also ease the movement of transport in the school. It would also reduce how the dust that covers the polish of our shoes when going to class,” he said.

Soliu Ridwanullah, a 300-Level student, Public Administration expressed his satisfaction over the infrastructural development, stating that it would add to the prestige of the university.

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