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UDUS Students Mourn Death of Classmate

Students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto were thrown into mourning following the death of a female student of the university, Abdulrauf Motunrayo Zainab who passed away on Wednesday, 5th of August, 2020.

Until her death, Abdulrauf Motunrayo Zainab was a 200 level computer science, mathematics department student of UDUS and assistant course representative of her class.

According to Abdullahi Adam who is a 300 level computer science student and brother to the deceased, Zainab just recovered from malaria fever but later gave up to the ghost on Wednesday around 4 am while with their parents in Abuja.

Abdullahi Adam described the deceased as a religious and loving person, saying that he will never forget her.

“Zainab was a religious, gentle and easy-going girl when she was alive. She was loved by everybody. The news came to me very shocking because Zainab was with our parent in Abuja. She suffered from malaria and has recovered from that. It was yesterday that my dad called me that she was complaining about body pain. I felt very sad when I heard about her demise around to 4 am and I’m still feeling the sadness because I will miss her a lot.”

Adam narrated to CAMPUS REPORTER how Zainab had helped him a lot while on campus before the FG ordered the closure of schools due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

“If sometimes I feel hungry while in school, she was the only lady I could tell to cook for me as a senior brother. She was always ready to carry out any avocations I assigned her when we were together. There are many unforgettable memories which I cannot explain as a brother and sister.”

Adam prayed for his sister and pleaded that if there is anyone his sister owed anything before she died, such person(s) shouldn’t hesitate to meet him and have it back.

“I just pray may Almighty Allah forgives her and grant her Jannat Firdaus because the only thing now is to pray for her.

“If there is anyone Zainab is owning anything, they should please find my phone number and call on me,” he pleaded.

Abdulrasheed Abdulquadri Eleru, 300 level Adult Education student of UDUS also described the deceased as a gentle and kind lady.

“Zainab was an easy-going and gentle lady. She was introvert in nature, she loved reading books. I was shocked when I heard about her demise.”

He mourned the death of a great and kind fellow who has once helped him during his hardship when she was alive and also prayed for her.

“Zainab’s death really touched my heart and  I feel hurt for her demise.  She did one thing to me that I can’t forget in my life. Last year when I was in  UG2, we were reading in the same class at faculty of law, so, I lost my examination card in some minutes to the exam, Wallahi Tallahi, she tried her best to help me find my lost examination card. I pray that Al -Jannat be her final abode,” Abdulrasheed prayed.

Aisha Muhammad Abdulkadir, 200 level zoology student in the department of biological sciences was Zainab’s friend and roommate. She described her friend to our correspondent as a prayerful lady who had supported her education with fervent prayer when alive before her sudden departure that holds no return.

“Zainab was my coursemate’s roommate one and also one of the few friends I first met in school. She was kind, jovial, ‘Jackometer’ and also very prayerful, she didn’t play with fervent prayers.” 

Aisha expressed her sad feelings towards her friend’s departure and prayed for her also.

“Her departure seems unbelievable, I feel so depressed about it. I really miss the way we do eat together, I do make jest of her and her roommate because they both don’t understand Hausa, we sit together during GST lectures. May Allah forgive Zainab and accept her good deeds.” 

Another student, Ilias Ayodele Ilias, 200 level student of the department of mathematics also described late Zainab as a kind and generous friend. He also expressed his feelings over her demise and prayed for her and her family.

“Zainab was my school friend. She was kind, generous, friendly and nice to people around her. We used to sit together in the lecture hall while in school. I felt so bad when I heard about the bad news. I pray may Allah forgive her shortcomings, grant her best home in heaven and replace her parents’ sorrow with happiness soon,” Ilias prayed.

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