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UNILORIN Student Leaders State Union Affairs

The President of the Students’ Union, Mr Taofik Waliu Opeyemi (Omoluabi) has confirmed that the people-focused administration is poised to work toward covering up loopholes and that the current administration will not apportion blame to the previous administration. 

This declaration was made at the Behind The Veil program of the 7th Concepts on the 13th of September, 2021. The program, which declared that it was organised to “hold the Union leaders accountable and responsible,” had members of the organisation ask questions on the policies, projects and programs of the current crop of student leaders, from officials of the Central Executive, Senate and Judicial Councils of the Union.

Mr Omoluabi, who addressed issues on different matters bordering on student welfare, mentioned that the state of roads leading the Faculty of Education is currently being addressed, as all parties are waiting for the NEEDS assessment funds due to arrive by October.

The Social Secretary stated that despite all odds, the Union’s bonfire program for fresh students will hold as scheduled, and the planning committee will ensure that COVID-19 protocols are observed by the attendees and that the presence of the security personnel is tightened.

Mr Omoluabi admitted that some of the promises made in his manifesto are in fact unrealisable, as the realities of office and administration have now dawned upon him and members of the Executive Council. He stated that his promise to establish a new park at the Faculty of Education has been botched, as the Works Department stated that such a move can only be ratified by the Vice-Chancellor, which is currently under process. He apologised to the students for having to ditch some of his campaign promises, as he was not in full knowledge of the realities of the office when the promises were made.

Despite different unconfirmed reports of rape and sexual assault cases on campus, the Student Union officials stated that the Union has never recorded any case of sexual assault, and to prevent the occurrence of these situations, street lights, constant security patrols and an open-door policy to report cases are being worked on to ensure that the issues are addressed.

On the state of the school hostels, the officials noted that despite the short time frame for renovation, the hostels are being refurbished to ensure that the hostels are in good shape.  

The Vice-President (PS) of the Students Union, Ms Badru Haneefah, denied claims that the prices of goods at the SU Trade Fest were exorbitant and mentioned that the prices were reduced because the Union was considerate. The Financial Secretary mentioned that the publication of the financial budget would “cause more harm than good.” This is a move seen to violate orders and rulings of the Students’ Union Court.

The Chief Justice of the Students’ Union, Justice Muadh Ola-Lawal, mentioned that the court is committed to ensuring the attainment of justice, and mentioned that the constant complaints of tardiness of judicial officers to court sittings will be addressed and resolved. He stated that there has been a temporary cease in the release of law reports and that there has been a committee for the review of the court rules, which is long overdue. He assured the public that the judicial council shall represent the face of justice on campus and that erring judicial officers would be disciplined.

“We Were Not Respected, Actions Of SU Officials Ridiculous,” – 7th Sense Concepts

Members of the 7th Sense Concepts complained about the lukewarm attitude of SU officials to the event. This is claimed to have been exhibited in their late arrival to the program and the “nearly-lacklustre presence of the whole Central Executive Council (CEC) and Judicial Council.”

The organisation, in an official release, stated that “without doubt, we are threatened that the leadership of the union take the plight of the Student Union lackadaisically, this is evident from the ridiculous reaction of the Student Union President who was throwing leisurely laughter at answering questions that border on welfare and predicaments of members of the Union.”

“It comes to our mind that the council has a lot to hide behind the veil which can’t survive the heat of questions as no reason whatsoever has been tendered for not showing up at the event.”

“One would assume that the council was supposed to be the closest to the members of the Union and should be ever ready to listen to their plights and make adjustments upon hearing reviews of its activities, unfortunately, today, they have clearly displayed their nonchalant attitudes, unreadiness, irresponsibility and unaccountability.”

While commenting on the absence of the Senate Council from the event, the 7th Concepts representative stated: “Furthermore, the Concepts also expresses its dissatisfaction at the gross show of incompetence of the leadership and members of the *Senate Council* who failed to show up at a transparency and accountability gathering where they are required to answer questions on allegations, issues and matters affecting members of the union who they claim to represent their interest.”

The Concepts team assured the students of their goal of ensuring that students are kept abreast of the state of the Union and their continuous zeal in redefining student politics on campus.

7th Sense Concepts Apologizes, Restates Commitment

The Concepts representative, after its strongly worded release, made a follow-up statement to apologise to the students. This was as a result of its “realisation of the engagements of the SU officials.”

The statement reads “It is understood by The Concepts that due to multifarious administrative issues as well as meetings needed to be attended to, the lateness of the officials was inevitable.”

“We hereby state our unreserved apology if our earlier broadcast was misconceived and confidently state that we remain politically neutral and will never at any time incite members of the Union against any arm of the Union.”

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