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University student allegedly beaten by watch men for violating curfew

Some students of Federal University Oye-Ekiti were allegedly harassed, beaten brutally and made to hawk stones, akara among others in the middle of the night by vigilante group as a result of the supposed violation of the curfew imposed after the robbery attack in Egbe neighbourhood of Oye-Ekiti last week.

The University’s host community, Oye-Ekiti, has recently been witnessing a persistent threat of theft, armed robbery and hijacking of gadgets, bikes etc. from students and indigenes alike. Just recently, a shop was burgled in Egbe quarter of Oye-Ekiti. This was followed by another robbery at Halleluya hostel on 20th September 2018 at the same Egbe.

Following several complaints lodged to the Oloye, the monarch of the town, a 10pm-4am movement ban was imposed in order to ensure strict security measure.

However, students argue that the news of the curfew wasn’t widely disseminated and many were not aware of it, which led to the supposed violation and eventual harassment of students by night watchmen.

Speaking to CAMPUS REPORTER, a victim identified as Jegede Monijesu who explained that she and eight others who were with her were oblivious of the curfew. She said they were coming from a vigil on Saturday morning, 21st September heading to their respective homes at Idofin and Irare before they were stopped and made to carry stones.

She further added, “from 12:30 am to around 15 mins to 2 am we were still hawking.” According to her, many students also met the same fate that day and those who couldn’t shout while hawking were beaten.

According to another victim Owolabi Tobiloba who was also leaving a vigil with a female friend to eat at her place because he was hungry, said they were made to carry stones around the town while escorting some students they met to their respective hostels. He added that he was beaten because “I was walking too fast, walking slow and I stopped walking” and that many students also suffered the ordeal but he couldn’t see them because it was dark.

According to a source who was at the meeting held at Oloye’s Palace on Monday, with the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Student Affairs, Divisional Police Officer in charge of Oye-Ekiti and student leaders in attendance, the harassment of students by the vigilante was condemned,

However, the movement will still be restricted albeit from 11 pm. Whoever is caught will not be beaten any more, but may just be detained or escorted home depending on the circumstances.

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