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University of Ibadan’s upcoming comedian dies

As much as the entire University of Ibadan was plugged into shock after the news of the demise of one of their own, Kasali Abass, the entire Kasali family were plunged into greater shock.

Abass, whose popularity emanated from his brilliance in hilarity, was confirmed dead via a telephone call to his father.

On a visit to his parent’s resident at Akinbile Area of Moniya, Ibadan, Abbas’s sister recalled that they still ate and played together last night until the horror struck.

Kasali Abass

He was said to have died in the late hours of Sunday at exactly 7:02 PM after complaining of a minor leg pain.

“We played and ate together yesterday until he complained of leg pain,” she recalled.

“He was taken to the hospital where he was given drugs and drip. At about 7 PM everything backfired. At exactly 7:02 he gave up the ghost.”

She added that his burial arrangements had been completed in the early hours of today. He was buried according to Islamic rites at Akinyele, Ibadan.

Concerns have therefore been raised on the death rate of students in the school.

Before his death, Abass was in his third year in the Department of Microbiology, University of Ibadan and o resided in Lord Teder Hall.

He was known for his crew’s comedy talk show, Trailer Jam, which airs during every Jaw War matchup, a foremost inter–Hall and inter-Faculty debate competition in the University of Ibadan. For those who know him from here, he is called Abassment.

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