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University students bridge class-practice gap with community service

The final-year students of the Department of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, on Wednesday, demonstrated the skills gained in the course of their studies.

Visiting rural communities in Osun State, the students engaged in community service, putting what they were thought in their various courses, particularly Rural Education – DCE 404 – into practice.

Their interventions were mainly in the areas of health education, vocational skills, donations of basic needs and administration of some medical tests.

According to the course coordinator, Paul Akpomuje, students were thought the rudiments of rural education and were charged on community development, which is a basis to award a grade.

“Rather than giving the students test as coursework, we decided we would take them to rural communities in Osun State to demonstrate some of the skills we had imparted to them in class as a form of community engagement and rural development project,” he said.

He added that students were accompanied to impact location by specialists, who served as supervisors.

“We accompanied them to two communities  – Balogun and Abagboron villages. We exposed the villagers to health education and vocational skills. With the assistance of some resource persons from the health sector, students conducted HIV tests, malaria tests, BP check and general medical counselling and education,” he added.

The students also donated clothes, toiletries, mosquito nets among other human needs to the villagers.

One of the beneficiaries of the programme, Kemi Oni applauded the students for the community service.

“If the government finds taking care of the elders difficult, at least we have our kids doing that now. May God protect them for the country,” said the beneficiary.

Another resident in Modakeke, Taiwo Keshinro said, “the students have proved that beyond the classroom studies, education requires influencing lives which they are doing now.”

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