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World Environment Day 2021: Plogging Nigeria Club Marks Three Years On OAU Campus

As part of the activities to celebrate World Environment Day, the Plogging Nigeria Club of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife decided to celebrate three years of its founding in Nigeria and the OAU campus.

The celebration, which was to commemorate World Environment Day and making the environment clean and safe was done in collaboration with the YTOP GLOBAL.

The activities commenced on June 2nd and lasted till June 5th started with an online interactive session on Zoom with Global Founder of Plogging, Plogga Erik Ahlstrom and also with interaction from Plogga from various campuses.

The plogging activities started with an exercise at the Students’ Union Building (SUB) on Saturday 5th of June, 2021, before proceeding to pick waste and plastic bottles around various places in the campus and was coordinated by Plogga Ifeoluwayimika.

Over 20 ploggas were present, including several undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students. Disposable gloves, as well as disposable waste bags, were provided and ploggas plogged from the SUB to the Banking Area and Religious Ground then to Sports Complex.

The waste bags were later disposed of at a waste container situated at the College of Health Sciences while the plastics bottles which would be recycled and used for other things were dropped at the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Studies.

The Founder and Chief Plogga of the Plogging Nigeria Club, Mr Mayokun Iyaomolere thanked everyone and expressed his gratitude for how far Plogging Nigeria Club has been able to come with over 21 Plogging Clubs, 1500 Ploggas, 190 Plogging Episodes, 5000 waste bags collected, 350km covered and 380 hours spent plogging.

The Plogga-In-Charge, Miss Ifeoluwayimika Tai-Iyiola, thanked everyone for their cooperation and coordination throughout the plogging activities.

The activities were round off with refreshments and a green and white cake (indicating sustainable environment) and ‘PLOGGING NG AT 3’ inscribed beneath it.

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