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A Call To Campus Journalists: Widen Your Horizons

Roland Bayode, the Editor-in-Chief of Echo Media, a media outlet at Adekunle Ajasin University, has urged young journalists to hone their reporting skills by learning and reporting stories beyond the campus wall.

The Editor-in-Chief made this known on Sunday at the first meeting of the semester held at the AAUA Mass Communication Relaxation Centre (MRC), where the campus reporters reconnected after the prolonged 8-month ASUU strike.

He welcomed members back on campus, noting that they should be ready to work and improve their writing skills. He further encouraged them to find a niche to focus on within the media space.

“A maximum of four physical meetings will be held this semester. The semester is short, and students will want to engage in other activities. We will also encourage an online meeting and training when necessary,” he said.

“Always be on the watch for media opportunities, and make sure you develop the habit of participating in media training just to hone your journalistic skills.”

Furthermore, Roland Bayode acknowledged the four AAUA student journalists who were selected for the 2022 Africa Foundation for Young Media Professionals (AFYMP) media workshop, among which two Echo Media executives were honoured with an award by the organisation for their outstanding performance.

The awardees are; Editor-in=Chief Roland Bayode (Best Reporter Disability and Social Inclusion) and the Asst. News Editor, Emmanuel Oluwadola (Campus Journalism Award).

Thereafter, the floor was opened for questions and answers, and the Editor was able to clear the air over the question that kept students talking, “Has Echo Media stopped publishing stories on campus?”

AAUA Echo Media Is Not Down

The Editor-in-Chief, Roland Bayode, continued by raising the fact that even if the Echo media website stopped sending out stories, its campus reporters not have stopped working.

“Even if the Echo media website is down, our reporters are not down. It is just that we are thriving in a community where campus journalism has recently not been encouraged. The management frowns at change-driven stories that they sometimes term to be painting the school in a bad light,” he disclosed.

The Associate Editor, Dorcas O. Aluko, cheered the presence of new members who were present at the meeting. She reiterated the necessary steps new members will take to be accepted as bonafide members.

“New members will obtain and fill out the membership form of N300 only. They must be ready to perform any task given within the stipulated deadline and continue to attend any meeting called, both by Echo media and AAUA NUCJ– a joint body of all media outlets in AAUA,” she noted.

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