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Incessant Killings In Northern Nigeria: Gross Negligence from the Present Government

It is an irrefutable fact that the incessant killing that is rampant in the northern part of the country is more dangerous than the Covid-19 that the world is battling with. This is because of the fact that the number of people that are losing their lives to bandit and insurgency operation is more than the population of those who have died as a result of Covid-19.
Despite the widespread killings in the northern region, President Muhammad Buhari’s administration has failed in solving the menace of the insecurity challenges in Nigeria. Countries are known widely to be running from zero to hero, but Nigeria is moving from hero to zero in terms of securities, that’s so terrible!
Nigeria is regarded as one of the best countries in the world in terms of natural and human resources that would be sufficient for us to combat the insecurity in the country and protect the lives of citizens against internal and external aggression. Upon our blessings, Nigeria and Nigerians are being terrorized by Boko-haram, Bandits, Fulani-herdsmen, kidnappers, rapists, and poverty is also ravaging the people of the country.
It is the responsibility of the government to safeguard the lives and properties of the citizens, but the reverse is the case in Nigeria, this is because we lack good governance and righteous leaders that can manage our reserved and resourceful natural resources. We are now known and famous across the globe as “Giant of Africa in terms of killings, kidnapping, raping, and poverty. It seems there are turmoil and confusion in our security device.
Even Though, it’s absolutely necessary to laud the effort of courageous men in the field of war who give away their lives to protect the territorial integrity of this country. We need to encourage them; this is because if we are blaming them on this, it would appear to them as if they are not doing anything, and the situation would be worse if they feel relented because of the discouragement from the citizens.
Your Excellency, sir, what is your government is actually doing to curtail the killings of people in the northern part of the country by the herdsmen and bandits? What are the steps you are putting up with to thwart this insecurity problem? I think this present government has forgotten their promises during the election campaign to protect the lives of the citizens.
Numerous people are being killed and kidnapped in some parts of the countries, and the government is taking this issue with levity hand since it hasn’t affected our politicians. Insecurity is also a virus that is more dangerous than Covid-19 and since it’s only affecting the masses not the elite, they wouldn’t act to curtail the insurgency in the northern part of the country.
Recently, I was so perplexed about how this administration is fighting corruption, especially on Magu saga and acting chairman of NDDC, M.D Pandei. A lot of people are of the opinion that Magu is treated unfairly, and is been witch-hunted by the Attorney General of the Federation. Corruption is eating deep inside our blood veins in Nigeria that they tagged the immediate past government as the most corrupt administration, but the bitter truth is that the present government is the most corrupt government in the history of this nation.
As a concerned citizen and political analyst, my expectation is futile, my trust has been deluded because since president Muhammad Buhari has emerged as the president, the security challenges are worsening day by day.
For example, on the 17th, of July 2020, a 300 level student of Computer Science at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto was reported to have been shot dead by gunmen in Gudi, Nassarawa State. Her uncle was also abducted and killed, leaving behind his wife in the den of kidnappers. And also have been reported a student from Danfodiyo university Yusha’u Cisse who was attacked with his family by bandits in Katsina state, two were shot to death, three were abducted and the ransom of three million was requested. Yusha’u was shot on the leg, up to one of his lap was broken. He is currently at the hospital receiving treatment. Who can give the accurate numbers of souls that have lost their lives to this insurgency? What’s good in Nigeria? What Nigeria has enjoyed? what is the policy that governs security in Nigeria? Who is the problem behind the setbacks of this country? How can we fix the nation back?.
Since President Muhammad Buhari has come into power, the insecurity challenge has worsened. Boko-haram, bandits, herdsmen have become a threat to the lives and properties of Nigerian citizens living in the northwestern states in Nigeria. Mostly in Zamfara, Katsina, Niger, Sokoto, and Kaduna.
There was a massive protest by the people of Katsina state where President Muhammad Buhari comes from, they protested as a result of the massive killings of people and destruction of properties, what has Buhari done to curb this? How can this be acceptable in a country where the president is a retired Army General? What is the fate of other states in Nigeria when the president’s state is squabbling with insecurity problems?
On a final note, I would like to urge President Muhammad Buhari should please show a convincing concern and efforts to put an end to killings of our brothers; try your possible best to suppress this, the same way you are working tirelessly to curtail the spread of Covid-19 in Nigeria.
My dear Nigerians! Let’s set goals for generations to come, let’s work together for a greater and brighter future. It is good to avoid nepotism and favouritism. Be an agent of good change, your life lies in the fate of this great nation (Nigeria).
Disclaimer: Please note, opinion pieces published on Campus Reporter undergo minimal editing to preserve the writer’s original voice.

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