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Independence: OAU SU Challenges FG, Calls For Proper Funding of Education

The students union of Obafemi Awolowo University, have challenged the Federal Government of Nigeria as the country marks its 57th year of Independence.

The union made this known in a public statement signed by the Public Relations Officer of Union; Okediji Simon, the Secretary General; Boluwajaiye Adeoluwa and the President; Oyekan Ibukun.

Part of the release reads: “it is most unfortunate to note that after 57 years of independence from the solipsistic British colonial, we taste from the bitter plagues of hunger, disease, illiteracy, poor economy, internal insurgency terrorism, etc.

“Not to economize the truth, Nigeria is fast losing her relevance in the comity of nations due to a drastic fall in her economic strength; her inability to combat and overcome the protracted Boko Haram insurgency that had claimed hundreds of thousands of lives in the North Eastern part of the country; lack of foresight and progressive mentality of most Nigerian politicians which are key to attaining economic growth and political advancement, and lastly; the failure of the government to put all the existing institutions to work towards the path of progress”.

The union further buttressed that the nation has suffered heavy blows of setbacks in politics, science and technology, commerce, innovation and invention as many youths are toeing a path of social perdition, political doom and economic disaster.

However, the union demanded proper funding of institutions owed by Federal Government; “The Federal Government should invest more energy in charting a new course of development in the country that will encourage massive and effective diversification of the Nigerian economy, that government should sincerely combat insecurity in the country, that Federal Government should consider diplomatic means of attending to IPOB agitation”

They finally encourage all Nigerians to keep their hopes alive and bear in mind that all hands must be on deck to attain progress and greatness to the nation.

“Our union can be strong again and our nation will definitely redeem her dented image in the global scene only when we have a unity of purpose and untiring drive”

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