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Is Nigeria still a country or are we now an animal kingdom?

With the series of emerging animal fables in the scheme of politics, we are indeed in a new episode of the animal farm. This is indeed a national embarrassment to the acclaimed giant of Africa. We had the era of Jackals and hyenas before now. A few days ago we heard of a Nigerian Monkey which was said to have eaten up N70million in the custody of this APC Senator. Then the question is – What’s this sudden appetite for the Naira by animals? It’s now crystal clear that Nigeria is in a deep crisis and we can only fix it so far we don’t get ourselves fixated to our bad fate caused by the few individuals who are gods of backwardness. Whether the lion king still remains in the jungle still seems uncertain with the ongoing activities of different animals who are trying to usurp the throne.

This country is becoming a huge joke. First of all, it was the rodents that drove the president from his office and then we now have snakes consuming about N36 million and now we have monkeys raiding farmhouse. Before the plot begins to change, very soon humans will begin to turn to animals in Nigeria because animals are getting richer. Nigeria seems to be an animal kingdom now as it looks the country has been taken over animals. According to the latest corruption perception index (CPI) released by Transparency International (TI), it is stated that corruption seems to be getting worse in Nigeria. It shows that power is in the hand of very few old corrupt individuals – this has indeed shown that Nigeria is a theatre of so many absurdities.

The underlying issue with misappropriation of funds is a never-ending national crisis. It is indeed very shameful that even the temple of justice – the judiciary and other internal security institutions have decided to keep mute over the issue. As it is clear corruption is a ubiquitous problem in the country, there is a need for sensitization against the minuscule acts of corruption in our sphere of influence. it is quite evident that corruption has found its way into the corridors of power because it was not nipped in the bud. Even if the apparel worn by our leaders are thick with the grime of corruption, shall we not take it to the laundry of true justice – the laundry of justice where all acts of injustice will be convicted and brought under the meticulous microscope of the law.

With the stench of corrupt activities oozing out of the seat of power flowing through different parastatals with different controversies, it is clear now that the Buhari-led government has actually been condoning corruption and consciously making Nigeria the infamous ‘Animal Farm’, where certain animals are ‘more equal’ than the others. As 2019 approaches, there is need to put in place a system that will produce qualitative and accountable leadership that will serve as a fortitude to shape a better future for this nation.

Alao Abiodun writes from University of Ibadan. He can be reached via email –

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