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Landmark University Organises a Campaign To Support SDG 11 In Their Host Community

The Sustainable Development Goals Team of Landmark University has organised a campaign on SDG 11, quality education and the use of libraries in their host community, Omu-Aran, Kwara state. 


The campaign for academic integrity and quality education themed ‘Menace of Palasa’ is a measure by the SDG 11 team to foster quality and good education for school children. 


‘Cinematherapy: Quality Education Through Books In Pictures’ was also introduced by its founder, Dr Sola Owolabi. The event had the traditional rulers of the community, Oba AbdulRaheem Adeoti, his Chiefs and secondary school representatives in attendance. 


One of the speakers, Elder J. Ajiboye, during the panel session, said he had to repeat Primary 7 three times because of the high educational requisite that was in the system then. He faulted the decadence of quality education on the disposition of the government, poor payment and lack of standard teachers and lecturers. 


He said: “With the trend of things, many school children do not know how to read even in schools. This problem is from the grassroots. Majority of the primary school teachers are not even qualified to teach. The best academics in society does not teach. Those with no choice do.”


The Olomu of Omu-Aran, Oba Abdulraheem Adeoti, said: “Those that are expected to invest in the educational sector are not doing so.”


He described the issue of producing professional quackery ‘Palasa’ as cyclical. “The young minds in the town [have] migrated from education to internet fraudulence.”


In her address, the Registrar of the University, Ms Folake Oyinloye, said: “There is a need to re-engineer our family systems, the values and the culture. Every home should have a good reward system for the children’s academic performance.”


She further urged the elders to instil discipline in the children and ensure they acquire quality education. 


A youth leader stressed the efforts of the community to curtail examination malpractice and illiteracy.


He said: “The Omu-Aran Development Association (ODA)  has declared a state of emergency on education.  The education committee of ODA visited secondary schools in the town to avoid examination malpractice during the last West Africa Examination Council (WAEC).”


“We are also working on a library that will feature an e-library, where some unnecessary sites will be inaccessible to the young minds,” he said.


The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Charity Aremu, emphasised the need for self-learning to acquire quality education among school children. 


“When you embrace self-learning, value and a selling point will be added to you.”

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