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UDUS Student Attacked

A 300-Level Agricultural student of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS), Yusha’u Cisse Hashim, has been attacked by bandits.

CAMPUS REPORTER gathered that the bandits raided their village, Sabuwa local government area in Katsina State on the 24th of June 2020, at about 12:25 am on Friday the 24th of July. Two of his family members were killed and his three brothers were kidnapped during the attack.

The victim divulged that these bandits did not cover their faces and those who attacked the village were more than 20 bandits, but he could not recall the exact number of the kidnappers.

Speaking to the victim, this reporter also uncovered that these bandits spoke Fulani language and are demanding a ransom of 300 million Naira for the release of his brothers.

Speaking to CAMPUS REPORTER, Cisse recounted how these kidnappers invaded their village in the midnight and how they eventually killed one of his father’s younger brother and his son during the course of the attack.

Cisse narrated the terrifying ordeal, saying: “The bandits came into our house, even to my room, when they entered my room, they went to my elder brother’s place requesting money and handset from them, but they had no money, except their phones and little change with them.

“I was so perplexed when these hoodlums said they are looking for me and mentioning my nickname (Dan Alhaji), they inquired about Dan-Alhaji, which is my nickname. My elder brother lied to them that they are all ‘Almajiris’ and just came to sleep overnight there. Unfortunately, one of them flashed his torchlight to my direction and shouted to the others saying ‘look at him there, look at the rich one here among them.’

“I was beaten black and blue by seven of these raiders and they removed my cloth they all beat me mercilessly. One was smashing me with the bottom of his gun on my chest and another was hitting me on my forehead, they said I should bring my phone. I refused to give them because since I heard they were searching for me. 

“I knew they were going to kill me, they kept beating me till they gave me the very last hit on my forehead which caused me to faint, then one of them said we’ve finished him, one of the gang members later came back and shot my lap and also pulled the trigger the second time, fortunately for me, the second gun didn’t hit him.” 

He disclosed further that the fugitives moved to his father’s room, scattered the whole place and collected his phone, his father’s phone and his mother’s phone.

“They went to my mummy’s room, scattered her room and carted away her money, they also abducted my three brothers and went to my uncle’s house, took him alongside with my brothers to the bush.

“Luckily, they called the next morning asking how many people did they kill, which we told them they killed two people because they killed one of my father’s younger brother and his son, and shot me and also took three people away, so when they asked and we answered that two people were killed,” he cried out loud.

He proceeded: 

“They asked them that they assassinated one son of Alhaji Aisara (referring to me), but they responded to them that I survived it, so they informed us that we should calm down that the other kidnapped people are safe and they would be released with a ransom of 300million naira. This is what is happening, and there’s nothing I can do as I am still in the hospital and my lap is fractured,” he sobbed.

The victim wept bitterly over the insecurity in the country and beseeched the government to take drastic action to protect the lives of the people of this country.

Ramlatu Abdullahi Adam, a 400-Level student of Biochemistry, showed his grief over the incident that happened to his school mate and described the act of the kidnappers as inhumane.

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