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Insufficient lecture halls plague FUOYE students

Students of the Federal University Oye-Ekiti have been forced to receive their lectures in staff rooms and teacher’s offices due to the inadequate number of lecture halls in the school.

The affected students have recently decried the insufficient number of lecture halls on campus to accommodate the growing number of admitted students. As a result of this alarming problem, some students have had to resort to receiving their lessons in their lecturer’s office.

Speaking to one of the affected students from Faculty of Arts who wished to remain anonymous, she lamented over the discomfort of receiving lectures in an office and appealed to the school management to work towards putting enough facilities in place.

“I have been in school for almost three years now and this is not the first time that it will be occurring that I attend class in my lecturer’s office in the faculty,” she said.

“Students from other faculties will come and they will lay claim to the class I am using while lecture is ongoing.”

“It’s wrong, I feel the school should do something about it. Actually, I am not saying it’s bad that you’re coming to our faculty but no class[room] in [the] Faculty of Arts should be assigned to social sciences. It’s unfair for us in the faculty.”

“We were sent out of the class to use [this] office. This is [the second time] in this semester that we [have been] sent out of class to use an office, which is inconvenient. Almost less than half of the class were unable to copy the note not to talk of understanding what we were taught.”

“The school should do something about it, they are not being fair with us and this is not only about a department but the school should ensure that classes are not scheduled for non-faculty members in another faculty,” she concluded.

Speaking to another student, she said: “There [were] no classes again and everywhere was occupied, nowhere to sit and [so] we had no choice [but] to use our lecturer’s office to attend a class. The class was not okay by us and it was very bad.”

“We are pleading with the school management to please create enough classrooms for us so that lectures will be convenient for us all.”

The Student Union President, Awodola Oluwaseun Samuel aka Unique, when contacted, confirmed that there is a dearth of lecture halls in the school.

“We are working on how each faculty will have makeshift classrooms,” he said.

“I am very sure the one for education and engineering has been approved and awarded. These are one of the things we are doing for now,” he informed.

At the time of filing this report, all attempts to reach the Dean of students affairs, Dr Dosu Malomo, proved abortive.

It is pertinent to note that the higher institution has a population of about 18,000 students and this includes the newly admitted students.

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