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#NAISDECIDES: Pop-White Emerges President

The Independent Students Electoral Committee Union of the National Association of Ilaje Students has declared Omotade Moses Segun (also known as Pop-White) of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo, Ondo State, as the president-elect of the National Association of Ilaje Students (NAIS).

Omotade, who polled 13 votes, defeated his closet opponent, Ojuri Adeola, who polled 12 votes. 

While declaring the winner at the Family Support Primary School building in Igbokoda, Ondo State (FSP), the chairman of ISEC, Comrade Feyijimi Peter, declared that Omotade Moses Segun had satisfied the requirement of law and polled the highest votes amongst others, who vied for the same position.

Other announced winners across various positions were; Koriko Comfort of Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, as Vice President 1, Igbayisemore Destiny as vice president 2, Orege Philip as Public Relation Officer, Ojabineni Kayode as General Secretary, Lemadoro Felix as Financial Secretary, Ikuomola Oke as Treasurer, Meduoye Ileri-Oluwa as Welfare Director, Ojotula Oluwajuwon as Social Director, Kalejaye Ajibola Collins as Sports Director, Edema Olaniyi Bodunwole as Assistant General Secretary, Ogungbeje Adekunle as Auditor.

Other elected members of the legislative arm were; Saheyi Sehinde Happiness as Senate President, Ogungbeje Christian as Deputy Senate President, Edema Babatunde Gideon as Clerk of the House and Ogungbuyi Blessing as Chief Whip.

Below are the 2020 NAIS election results:

Eighteen (18) higher institutions came for accreditation and 35 senators/delegates were successfully accredited and 35 ballot papers were issued.


Amadu James Emiloju

Total Valid Vote(S) = Two(2)

Ayeni Adebayo Benjamin 

Total Valid Vote(S) = Six (6)

Ayemobuwa Idowu

Total Valid Vote(S) = Zero (0)

Meduoye Babalola Gbadura

Total Valid Vote(S) = Zero (0)

Ojuri Adeola R.

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twelve (12)

Omotade Moses Segun 

Total Valid Vote(S) =Thiteen (13)

Total Void Vote(S) = Two (2)

*Vice President 1*

Omowole Esther

Total Valid Vote(S) = Eleven (11)

Koriko Comfort O.

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twenty-one (21)

Total Void Vote (S) = Three (3)

*Vice President 2*

Igbayisemore Destiny 

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twenty-six (26)

Total Void Vote(S) = Nine (9)

*General Secretary*

Ayenomuro Alaba O.

Total Valid Vote(S) = Seven (7)

Ojabineni Kayode 

Total Valid Vote(S) = Eleven (11)

Saanumi Endurance T.

Total Valid Vote(S) = Four (4)

Titiola Damilola J.

Total Valid Vote(S) =Nine (9)

Total Void Vote (S) = Four (4)


Omoetan Friday Elijah 

Total Valid Vote(S) = Ten (10)

Orege Philip O.

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twenty- Two (22)

Total Void Vote (S) = Three (3)

*Financial Secretary*

Lemadoro Felix F. 

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twenty- Five (25)

Total Void Vote (S) = Nine (9)


Ifiriyele Surulere

 Total Valid Vote(S) = Forteen (14)

Ikuomola Oke 

Total Valid Vote(S) = Sixteen (16)

Total Void Vote (S) = Five (5)


Mojere Peter Ayodele 

Total Valid Vote(S) = Eleven (11)

Edema Olaniyi Bodunwole 

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twenty (20)

Total Void Vote (S) = Four (4)

*Social Director*

Ojotula Oluwajuwon M.

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twenty (20)

Okorisa Emmanuel I.

Total Valid Vote(S) = Ten (10)

Total Void Vote (S) = Five (5)


Meduoye Ilerioluwa J.

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twenty-eight (28)

Total Void Vote (S) = Seven (7)


Ogungbeje Adekunle S.

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twenty-five (25)

Total Void Vote (S) = Ten (10)

*Sports Director*

Kalejaye Ajibola Collins 

Total Valid Vote(S) = Twenty- Six (26)

Total Void Vote (S) = Nine (9)

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