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NAKSS Empowers Kwara Students With Digital Skills

The National Association of Kwara State Students (NAKSS), National Headquarters has embarked on an “impact-making” initiative to empower its members with digital skills. The programme was launched to aid Kwara students and support them in filling available digital jobs. 

The program commenced with no fewer than a hundred students of Kwara indigene, schooling in tertiary institutions across the federation. The training session is expected to take up to two weeks. The digital training, as revealed, is to equip participants with prerequisite and in-depth knowledge of graphic designing and web designing.


According to the president of the association, Comrade Adisa Jaji, the programme was facilitated due to increasing demand for digital jobs.

One of the selected participants in Web Design Class, Idris Fatima Jiddah, a 500 level student of Veterinary Medicine at University of Ilorin, told Campus Reporter about her experience being a participant in the organised digital training by stating it to be well commendable as learning this type of thing for free is rare.

While speaking about the organisers, she thanked them for coming up with such nice initiative, saying: “But for more trainings to come, I want them to be more organised, communicate well with the facilitators and trainees.”

In an interview with the president of the association about what really drove his administration to organise the program, he said since coming onboard, his administration has been committed to giving back to its members that entrusted them with their votes, and that is actually why he always come up with impactful programmes. In his words: “The zeal to impact in our members is the drive behind the initiative.”

While speaking about ways the training will be of benefit to Kwara students that participated and other plans on the ground, he said: “We all know we are now in a digital world, where digital can be referred to as the new oil. So the programme is to equip the selected trainees with the required basic digital training in web design and graphic design. 

“The beneficiaries of the initiative will be trained on web design and graphic design (50 trainees respectively) wherein some of the top performers among with trainees will be going home with laptops,” he revealed.

The program is premised on “Training and Transitioning” of Kwara Youths to fill available digital jobs and, support upskilling in the established workforce and raising awareness on the importance of digital literacy to exponentially advance the global competitiveness of Nigerian youths.

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